Prince Andrew accuser claims alleged sexual encounter was ‘quick and disgusting’

Virginia Roberts has spoken out in Panorama special

The Prince Andrew sex scandal intensified last night after accuser Virginia Roberts claimed that sex with Prince Andrew was ‘quick and disgusting’ on an episode of BBC current affairs programme Panorama.

The episode, aired last night (2.12.19), saw Virginia describe her employment by controversial lawyer Jeffrey Epstein and her alleged sexual liaisons with the Duke Of York.

Virginia and Prince Andrew in 2001 (Credit: BBC)

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Epstein, who died in prison in August, was arrested for sex trafficking underage women in New York and Florida and was friends with the Andrew.

Virginia claimed in the programme that she was ordered to have sex with the Prince in 2001, aged 17, after visiting Tramp nightclub with Andrew, Epstein and their mutual friend Ghislaine Maxwell.

Virginia recounted dancing with the Prince, describing him as “the most hideous dancer.”

“His sweat was all over me, like it was raining,” she recalled. “I was grossed out from it, but I knew I had to keep him happy because that’s what Jeffrey and Ghislaine would expect from me.”

Virginia alleged she was ‘forced to have sex’ with the Prince by Epstein (Credit: BBC)

Virginia continued her story and described what happened next, alleging that Epstein and Ghislaine asked her to do to the Prince what she had previous done to Epstein.

It didn’t last very long, the whole procedure. It was disgusting.

“It didn’t last very long, the whole procedure. It was disgusting,” she said.

“I sat there in bed feeling horrified and ashamed, and felt dirty so I had to get up and have a shower.”

She claimed to have had sex with Andre three times in total.

Virginia became upset while recounting the harrowing details (Credit: BBC)

Visibly upset, she said: “I just didn’t expect it from royalty. I didn’t expect it from someone people look up to and admire.

“I had just been abused by a member of the Royal Family.

“I hadn’t been chained to a kitchen sink but these powerful people were my chains.”

Prince Andrew
The Prince has denied all allegations (Credit: BBC)

In a disastrous BBC interview two weeks ago, Andrew denied the allegations and doesn’t even recall ever meeting Virginia.

He also said that at that time a medical condition made him unable to sweat, while he also claimed that he was at Pizza Express in Woking on the evening in question.

An email from 2015 when the allegations against him first arose, was exposed during the programme.

It showed Andrew say to Ghislaine: “Let me know when we can talk. Got some specific questions to ask you about Virginia Roberts.”

“Have some info. Call me when you have a moment,” she replied.

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