Vogue Williams (Credit: Instagram)

Pregnant Vogue Williams seeks advice on coping in the heatwave

Expectant mum said she's been "melting"

Pregnant Vogue Williams has admitted she’s been struggling in the recent hot weather.

Sharing a snap of herself in a bikini with her baby bump proudly on display, she told her Instagram fans: “Do you know what I miss? The cool breeze in Spain! Who else is melting in this heat. I think I’ll have to live in a bikini until this baby decides to come and say hi!”

Vogue Williams (Credit: Instagram)
Vogue said she’s been melting in the heat as she shared a snap of her baby bump in a bikini (Credit: Instagram)

In a comment to one fan she then added: “I honestly love being hot but any heat when pregnant is like a furnace!!!”

The 32-year-old is expecting her first baby with husband Spencer Matthews in early September. The couple married in a small ceremony with immediate family and friends last month.

Vogue’s sympathetic followers were keen to give her their tips on how to cope when heavily pregnant in the heatwave.

Chloe Delevingne, sister of the models Cara and Poppy, advised: “Evian water mist spray in the fridge.”

Vogue Williams (Credit: Instagram)
Vogue and Spencer are expecting their first baby in early September (Credit: Instagram)

Another said: “It’s so hard in this heat when pregnant! Get under the sprinkler!”

Others told her to get a paddling pool, and Vogue replied to say she’d just ordered one.

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She was also advised to get a fan to sit in front of at home, or splash out on air con.

Her personal trainer, Louise Parker, reassured her that at least she’d have the latter at their next session.

“See you tomorrow darling – at least the Wellness Clinic has air con!” she wrote.

Vogue Williams (Credit: Instagram)
The model said her dog Winston is also struggling in the heat (Credit: Instagram)

Vogue replied: “You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to the air con!!”

Several of her fans said she certainly didn’t look like she was struggling in her latest snap.

“Looking fab as always, you have this ability to make being pregnant look effortless, always looking gorgeous wherever you are and whatever you are doing, gorgeous lady,” one told her.

“Wow you look so amazing … wish I looked like that now and I’m not even preggers,” said another.

Others said she looked “stunning” and was “pregnancy goals”.

Vogue had vowed to keep on wearing crop tops and bikinis despite trolls saying she should cover up her bump (Credit: Instagram)

The model has previously been criticised for wearing bikinis and crop tops that flaunt her baby bump but she said that won’t stop her, especially when it’s so warm.

She wrote in another Instagram post: “I always wondered how my wardrobe would change when pregnant. One thing I won’t change is crop tops while training. I find it comfortable and I don’t have a t shirt leaving half my bump out all the time.

“I’ve embraced the preggo tum, I love it in fact. I haven’t been told what to wear since the age of seven until just recently. To those who have a problem seeing a bump on display, get in the sea! If I feel like I want to wear a Borat swimsuit I will, the crop tops are staying.”

Instagram @spencermatthews
Vogue revealed she’s now bought a paddling pool so she can cool off at home (Credit: Instagram)

Over on her Stories, the model revealed her dog, Winston, is also struggling in the heat.

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She revealed she found him on their bathroom floor because he found the tiles cooling. Sharing a video of the pooch trying to cool off, she said she’d just bought him a “cooling jacket” to wear and a “cooling mat” to lie on. Perhaps she should have bought one for herself too!

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