Millie Mackintosh

Pregnant Made in Chelsesa star Millie Mackintosh divides fans by ‘tucking into seafood’

Insta pic sparked a fierce debate over food choice while pregnant

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Millie Mackintosh has sparked a pregnancy debate on Instagram after the former Made in Chelsea star shared a photo of herself tucking into what appears to be a seafood pasta dish.

The TV personality 30, is pregnant with her first child.

She recently shared a picture of herself enjoying a delicious dinner while out on a “date night” with her hubby and fellow former MIC star Hugo Taylor.

However, some 1.3 million Instagram followers questioned whether it would be safe for her to eat seafood while expecting.

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One concerned user commented: “Wait are we now allowed to eat shellfish while we are pregnant????”

Another wrote: “Shellfish and pregnancy, risky” and a third commented: “Be careful of eating shellfish or nuts when pregnant in case baby is allergic to either!”

And a fourth chimed in with: “I always thought you couldn’t eat shell fish either. People now saying you can? Why couldn’t you years back but u can now? Its not like fish has changed? Still the same fish?”

Shellfish and pregnancy, risky.

However, several users came to Millie’s defence – or argued that they were sure that mother and baby would be fine with her meal choice.

One reassured other commenters with: “I’m sure Millie is more than well informed on what she can and cannot do!” and another wrote: “Literally came on to read comments of people moaning about what you’re eating. Do these people ever have a day off?”

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A further user claimed she had eaten seafood throughout her pregnancy: “Love this post! I ate loads of seafood both my pregnancies the whole of the Far East survive on raw fish and sea food and the benefits to brain development have been mentioned. Both my babies are bright and healthy live your pregnancy your way Millie.”

Meanwhile others couldn’t help but gush at Millie’s glowing complexion.

A user complimented: “You are gleamed with the mummy glow” and a second wrote: “You’re absolutely glowing!”

ED! has approached a representative for Millie for comment.

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