Pregnant Hollyoaks star Chelsee Healey hints at love split as she reaches due date

She posted a beautiful bump picture with a cryptic message

Hollyoaks actress Chelsee Healey has posted a picture of her baby bump at nine months and hinted that she’s going it alone.

Chelsee looks stunning in the image of her in the last stages of pregnancy.

She captioned the snap: “My Last Bump Picture Hopefully!

“We Rode The Whole 9 month Alone, I can Do the Next 18 years alone Baby.”

Does that mean she’s no longer with her baby daddy, Jack Malloy?

Fans certainly seem to think so as they sent messages of support, telling her she’ll be an amazing mum.

“It’s hard being ma & pa but it’s double the rewards!!” said one. While another added: “You defo can! An no doubt you’ll do it better alone too!”

A third agreed: “Better off alone!! You get a bundle of love all to yourself!! Then you get this crazy single mum power where you can just do anything!!!!”

“Single mummy power 💪 xxx” commented another.

A fifth user told her: “I’m a single mother to 3 beautiful girls.. being a ma and a pa is not easy but it will give you twice the rewards and love. Us single mothers are really stronger than anyone would think.”

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Chelsee and Jack were rumoured to have split up last year after he was sent to prison for driving offences. At the time The Sun reported that his spell behind bars had been too much pressure and they ended things just before she started her job on Hollyoaks.

But the pair reunited and her pregnancy was revealed in January of this year.

With her due date any day now, Chelsee has admitted to feeling anxious about her baby and checking its movements.

She also tweeted about how much she was struggling with the hot weather we’ve been having.

Chelsee plays Goldie McQueen in Hollyoaks and her on-screen alter ego departed this week when she went on the run after taking the blame for son Prince’s crimes.

She left in a van driven by her cousin Mercedes McQueen (Jen Metcalfe) who was also going off on maternity leave.

“My bump’s bigger”, “no mine is” (Credit: Instagram/@missjenjomet)

A few weeks ago, the girls compared bumps as they filmed their final scenes and Jennifer posted the snap to her Instagram.

Jennifer gave birth last month, but has kept her baby boy under wraps until now. She put out an image this weekend of her son’s little tiny feet.

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Maybe she and Chelsee are planning a joint photo shoot to reveal their babas to the world?

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