Helen Flanagan pregnant

Pregnant Helen Flanagan misses ‘everything about Corrie’ and ‘would love’ to go back

She's feeling much better after her hospital stay

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Pregnant Helen Flanagan has revealed she would “definitely love” to go back to Coronation Street, the show that made her famous.

Helen started on the soap when she was just nine years old and she told Entertainment Daily in an exclusive interview that she misses “everything about it”.

The actress chatted to ED! to launch her new edit for underwear brand Pour Moi.

And, in the stunning pictures, which Helen revealed were taken earlier on in her pregnancy, you can see just a tiny hint of a baby bump.

Pregnant Helen Flanagan offered a tiny glimpse of her baby bump in these new campaign images (Credit: Pour Moi)

Pregnant Helen Flanagan models underwear range

So how did she feel stripping down to her undies during her pregnancy?

“We shot this not too long ago,” Helen revealed, “but it was fine.”

The actress looks radiant in the pictures and, she told us, it’s all down to hair, make-up, good lighting and her pregnancy glow.

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“I’m really lucky in my pregnancies, I get really good skin,” she revealed. “My skin’s really clear when I’m pregnant. The pictures are lovely.”

Helen recently decided to stop editing her pictures and, as such, the Pour Moi campaign images have not been retouched.

Comfort is key for the pregnant star (Credit: Pour Moi)

“No, no, they’re not retouched,” Helen – who is mum to Matilda, five, and Delilah, two – confirmed.

“I just really prefer the natural look and I don’t think it’s nice to put too overly edited pictures on your Instagram.

“I just think the more natural look is prettier and it’s nice for young girls to see more natural images than, you know, constant overly edited pictures all the time,” she said.

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After being hospitalised with severe morning sickness, Helen reveals she’s feeling much better now.

She’s feeling much better now

She told ED!: “I’m really good thank you.”

Comfort is clearly key during pregnancy, but Helen stressed the importance of good lingerie when it comes to body confidence.

Helen Flanagan pregnant
Helen opened up about body confidence in pregnancy (Credit: Pour Moi)

‘The sexy sets are gorgeous’

“Obviously it’s nice as a woman to wear good lingerie that makes you feel confident if you’re pregnant or not pregnant,” she said.

“At the moment I wear maternity day bras, but I think the sexy sets are absolutely gorgeous,” she said.

I miss everything about Coronation Street and I definitely would love to go back.

Asked if she dresses for herself or fiancé Scott Sinclair, Helen revealed it’s most important that she feels good in her lingerie.

“I wear underwear that makes me feel really good and really confident,” she said.

Helen, who shot to fame as Rosie Webster on the ITV soap, also revealed she’s been sharing mummy tips with her on-screen sister, played by Brooke Vincent.

She’s mum to son Mexx, who turns one later this month.

“Brooke is a brilliant mum,” Helen told us. “She’s got a gorgeous little boy, he’s absolutely gorgeous, but she’s a brilliant mum.”

Helen’s missing Corrie and wants a comeback

And, Helen confirmed, she’s definitely missing Corrie.

“I do miss Coronation Street. I started there when I was nine as a child actress so obviously it’s been a huge part of my life and I’ve been in and out of it in my twenties so obviously I do really really miss it.

“It sounds cliched but it really is like a family and I miss everything about it. I was brought up on the street so I miss everything – the storylines, the excitement of filming, the night shoots, the make-up girls, I miss going in and chatting to everyone. To be honest I miss everything about it,” she said.

Is a return on the cards after the birth of baby number three?

“I definitely would love to go back,” Helen exclusively told ED!.

“I would love to go back at some point, I really really would,” she reiterated.

Helen said she always has amazing skin in pregnancy (Credit: Pour Moi)

For now, she’s just excited about her Pour Moi edit.

“It’s nice because, with the edit, there’s something for everyone. There’s maternity and nursing bras, lovely loungewear and some sexy sets, some day sets, some really lovely nightwear.

“It’s all in size 8 to 22,” she added.  “What I like about Pour Moi too is it’s an affordable brand so it’s accessible for everyone.”

The Helen Flanagan Edit for Pour Moi is available from today (October 2) exclusively here.

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