Neev Spencer Instagram @neevofficial

Pregnant DJ Neev Spencer names and shames man who called her a ‘selfish cow’ for asking for seat on train

She could give birth any day now

Radio presenter Neev Spencer was left shaken and uncomfortable after being verbally attacked on the London Underground this week.

The Kiss FM DJ, who is pregnant with her second child, had requested that someone volunteer their seat for her so she could sit down.

Not a big ask, you’d think?

Neev Spencer Instagram @neevofficial
Neev and singer Olly Murs (Instagram @neevofficial)

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However, the broadcaster was horrified when a male passenger apparently turned on her and called her a “selfish cow” for expecting somebody to give up their seat for her – even though she’s heavily pregnant.

According to Neev, the passenger also shouted at her that “men have rights” too.

Sharing her shock on social media, Neev named and shamed the man to her 27,300 Twitter followers.

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She said: “Here is the man who shouted at me on this morning’s tube saying ‘men have rights!’ He called me a ‘selfish cow’ all because I asked for his seat. I’m eight months pregnant.

“If you’ve experienced anything like this please tweet! #tfl #WomensRights #pregnancyrights #babyonboard.”

The accompanying footage shows Neev talking to the accused man, and saying: “These seats are for elderly people, pregnant people or people with children.”

Her full post read: “This morning on my way in to work on the central line, a man got into an altercation with me because I asked him to give up his seat.

“I am eight months pregnant and absolutely shocked at how he reacted. I walked into the carriage, went over to the first seat and proceeded to ask him to give me his seat.

“He immediately frowned, turned to a stranger next to him and made her get up so he could move into her seat. I sat down and asked her why he moved her, she said ‘he said he’s not well’.

“He then took his headphones out and starting shouting ‘men have rights too’.”

DJ Neev called selfish cow on tube
Pregnant Neev said she felt uncomfortable at his aggression (Credit: Twitter @neevofficial)

She continued: “He then spent two stops shouting and swearing at me as I calmly explained to him that the seats are for elderly people, women with children and pregnant women.

“I am absolutely disgusted that in this day and age people like this exist.”

She went on to reveal that she “felt totally uncomfortable and had to get off at the next stop”.

As her followers, fans and friends started to respond, Neev revealed that no one else on the carriage had stepped in to defend her.

As many slammed the man for his actions, another said: “Not all men are like this. You wouldn’t have needed to ask me to give up your seat, I would have asked you first, like many others would. Bad experience for you. All the best with your new arrival.”

Another said: “Disgusting behaviour! Quite scary too! There are still good humans out there, but I’m so sorry you had to deal with someone like that.”

A third added: “Some people are so awful. I’m really sorry you had to go through that. I’m always being polite and giving up my seat to elderly/pregnant people if I’m near the front of transport. A little consideration goes a long way.”

Hollyoaks actress Rachel Adedeji‏ replied with her own story, typing: “This is awful, I’m sorry you had to experience this. Some people on TFL can be so mean. I once had to breastfeed my newborn stranding up because no one wanted to give up their seat. The more we capture and share these stories hopefully they’ll be change! Good luck beautiful.”