Pregnant Amy Childs left with “cuts and bruises” after accident!

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Heavily pregnant Amy Childs was left cut and bruised after taking nasty tumble at her home.

The horror accident occurred when the ditzy Miss tripped over a stair gate at her home that she had only recently installed to ensure that her pet pooch didn’t wander around the upstaris of her house causing mischief.

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The fall took the reality star by surprise and left her winded and shaken and fearful for her baby’s safety.

“Last week, I tripped and fell over the stair gate, which I have for my dog,” she wrote.

“I lost four toenails and was covered in cuts and bruises.’

But as she was in the last stages of pregnancy, a few minor injuries were the last of her worries.

Her concerns were, of course, for her unborn baby daughter,

“OMG, I was in such a panic!” she continued.

“I called my midwife but all was OK as I fell on to my side and not my belly.”

She added that as she pulled herself together and climbed to her feet, she could feel her baby moving around happily  enough and was reassured that everything was just dandy.

“My princess was kicking away,” she said in her New! column. “So i knew she was fine!”

“But I was in so much shock, I burst into tears.”

In spite of her dog Leonardo’s friskiness at home, which inspired her to install the protective gate in the first place, Amy has said that he is just as excited about the forthcoming arrival to the family home.

She says he has clearly sensed something is happening and has been very protective of her and seems very attached to her ever-growing baby bump.

“My little Leo knows something is going on,” Amy said.

“He keeps barking at Brad and is so protective over me and my bump.

“The other day I was lying in the bath and he came over and licked [my bump]!…”

We’re not sure whether that’s lovely and sweet or a wee bit icky, bearing in mind we all know what a dog does with its rough tongue.

Nevertheless with just weeks to go before her daughter enters the world, Amy is already thinking about how the family dynamic might change for her and favourite pooch when her baby girl joins the family.

“We’ll introduce [Leo] to the baby slowly as he won’t want him to get jealous or feel left out.”

Although Amy is the first to admit she isn’t the smartest tool in the box, or indeed the hardware store, she has really taken her pregnancy very seriously.

In fact, not only has been extra careful walking around, she has stopped herself from succumbing to her favourite pastime – having plastic surgery, during pregnancy.

In fact, when she as accused of enduring procedures during the early stages of her pregnancy, she was fast to set the record straight.

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“God’s honest truth, I’ve not had any lip fillers or Botox for over 18 months,” she told Loose Women recently.

“I actually find it rude that they think I have any of that while I’m pregnant!”

Amy, who’s planning to have a water birth, added: “My face does look a bit puffier because I’m expecting and I have water retention, but I’ve not had any fillers at all!”

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