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Monday 6th April 2020

Is the Post Office still open? Latest Royal Mail news amid the coronavirus lockdown

A rep says the Post Office is "open as normal"

With the UK in the grip of a coronavirus lockdown, Brits are wondering if the Post Office is still open and if Royal Mail deliveries are still taking place.

Last night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued new guidelines designed to ensure people stay safe and stay at home during the pandemic.

The new measures signalled the closure of all shops aside from supermarkets, food stores and pharmacies.

Fines will be imposed if Brits flout the rules.

Brits are wondering if the Post Office is still open during the pandemic (Credit: Post Office)

As a result, people are only allowed outside of their homes to fetch food and essential medical supplies and for an hour of daily outdoor exercise.

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So where does this leave Royal Mail deliveries and Post Office opening hours?

"Open as usual"

A statement on the Post Office website reveals most branches are "open as normal".

Chief exec Nick Read revealed: "We know how important Post Office branches are to our customers. And we are doing all that we can to keep our branches open so that we can continue to provide our products and services to you and your communities."

He added: "At the moment, the majority of our branches are open as usual and our supply chain is running as normal."

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Nick continued: "Our priority is to keep our customers, postmasters and colleagues safe and healthy. We have advised everyone working in our branches to practice good hand hygiene and we ask that our customers do the same."

Exercise social distancing

He also stressed the importance of social distancing if you visit a Post Office store.

One Twitter user revealed he had been to his local branch only to find it closed and called for a list of store closures to be posted online.

At the moment, the majority of our branches are open as usual and our supply chain is running as normal.

"Wandsworth isn’t open. It’d be good if you could get some info on where is/isn’t open on your website please. This would save everyone unnecessarily wandering around London trying to find a branch we can use," he said.

Further clarity for customers

Further clarity about which Post Office branches are remaining open was posted on Twitter in response to customer comments.

Royal Mail is working hard to keep services running as normal (Credit: Splash News)

One user asked if their local store would be open and it appears as long as your local branch isn't in "a retail environment that has had to close", you should be okay.

A rep said: "Our counters should be open as normal as long as we are not situated in a retail environment that has had to close."

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