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Kerry Katona poses for picture as she grabs ex Brian McFadden’s girlfriend round the throat

They clearly get on, then!

That old adage about time being a great healer is certainly true, especially when it comes to the mellowing attitudes of exes.

Kerry Katona and Brian McFadden both did their fair share of mud slinging when their marriage came to an end in 2004.

But the former husband and wife appear to get along just fine and dandy these days – great for their teenage daughters Mollie and Lilly Sue.

And that conviviality clearly extends to new partners too, as Kerry proves to be relaxed in the company of Brian’s current girlfriend, Danielle Parkinson.

Danielle and Brian pucker up for a Christmas selfie (Credit: Instagram)

The pair were snapped by the former Westlife singer, apparently backstage at Kerry’s panto.

She’s currently playing Evil Queen in a production of Sleeping Beauty at Middleton Arena, Manchester.

Brian share a picture of the two women together, in which Kezza can be seen putting the squeeze on his, er, squeeze.

All in jest, of course!

The Irish crooner jokily captioned the camp image: “When the love of your life meets your evil ex-wife.”

Kerry responded to say: “I’m not that bad!” before adding: “So lovely to see you both x”

Aww, see, they DO properly get along.

Brian’s followers thought the pic – and his comment – was hilarious, if brave!

One wrote: “Haha. As it’s Kerry, she will see the funny side to this. Had it been anyone else, you’d be in big trouble Mr Mcfadden.”

Another said: Hahaha I absolutely love this. I hope you all get along, I’m sure you will, you’re both Northerners and we get on with everyone.”

A third japed: “OMG, the bravest man I’ve ever known.”

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