Pornhub teases MAJOR offer to Kylie Jenner

The adult site has the model on its sights

If you post a series of racy, raunchy lingerie pictures, you’re bound to get attention.

But, we aren’t sure that Kylie Jenner planned to get attention from one of the most well-known porn sites.

Yeap, that’s right Kim K’s sister has been welcomed with open arms by Pornhub.

Well, kinda…

The youngest Kardashian has just near enough confirmed she was launching her own lingerie line, but were the sultry photos really needed?

The adult site couldn’t resist contacting the 19-year-old after she shared a stream of very revealing photos over the weekend.

In one snap, Kylie posed flashing her nipples in a cut-out sheer dark red bra as she pouted at the camera.

Under each Instagram post Kylie added a link to a new website,, which is presumed to be stocking a new underwear range.

Pornhub tweeted the reality star: “One step closer. Love you.”


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Some fans were speculating as to whether this was a connection to Kim’s sex tape.

Is Kylie following in her footsteps?

Many found the post funny, while others were angry with the site, branding it rude.

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We were the former.

We found the tweet hilarious, a teen flashing her nipple piercings and sat on top of her boyfriend half naked, what does she expect…

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