Poorly Steph speaks out and ex Jeremy does something amazing!

She's on the mend, while he does something nice. We think!

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When is life going to give poor Stephanie Davis a break, eh?

Another week goes by and another drama rocks her life.

Last week it was rumoured that she had given birth to her son in secret, only for it to be revealed that she had actually been admitted to hospital with a mystery illness.

Well the good news is, Steph has revealed that her health seems to be on the mend and has posted a message – albeit in a not-so-perky black box – to inform her many fans that she and her wee baby are doing well.

“Hi everyone just wanted to let you all know I’m finally home and on the mend.

“Thank you so much for all your lovely messages and continued support over the last week. It really means a lot. Love always Stephanie and Bump xxx”.

Meanwhile, it looks like the frosty relationship between Steph and her baby daddy Jeremy McConnell could be thawing.

You may remember how since their nasty split earlier this year, Jez hasn’t exactly been particularly kind about Steph, calling her all manner of nasty names and even cruelly branding her a ‘sex worker’ among other very ungentlemanly things.

But now it seems that Jez has started to clean up his act and has deleted all his derogatory posts  about Steph – sparking some people to think that he may be hoping to reconcile.

But let’s not get too hasty here! As much as Steph has said in the past she loved Jez, we reckon after all that’s gone on between the two of them, a reunion is very unlikely indeed.

Steph’s moved on and only recently she said that she was finally in a good place after a quite a traumatic year that saw her splashed across the tabloids.

‘I have grown up a lot over the past few months and that’s a very good feeling. I’m really at peace with myself and I try not to invest my energy on anything negative.’

Good to hear Steph, we’re proud of you.

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