Poor Take Me Out contestant humiliates himself in front of 30 women

Scott, a pianist from Huddersfield, made quite the first impression

Take Me Out contestant Scott made such a strong initial impression on the 30 single ladies on Take Me Out that not one of them turned their light off at first.

It all started well for Scott (Credit: ITV)

But the pianist from Huddersfield quickly embarrassed himself by tripping up the stairs in the studio – much to the amusement of the show’s host Paddy McGuinness, and the TV viewers at home.

He fell UP the stairs (Credit: ITV)

“It’s all right, Scott… nobody saw,” quipped Paddy.

Fans were quick to take to Twitter.

“Ahh this Scott guy buckled on the stairs,” wrote one viewer, alongside an emoji of a face crying with laughter.

“Burst out laughing,” wrote another.

Scott still proved to be a popular contestant, however. “I’d leave my light on for Scott,” wrote one fan.

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“Scott was lovely even with a slight slip up,” added another.

A male viewer wrote: “That bloke Scott has bossed it on #TakeMeOut.”

Scott impressed viewers by playing the piano in his final round. He then had to choose between brunettes Nicola and Rebecca.

Rebecca told him that “no-one had seen his fall” but Scott opted to take Nicola to the Isle of Fernandos.

“Scott was an idiot for not choosing Rebecca, the cutest gal ever #TakeMeOut” wrote fan.

Viewers will find out how Scott and Nicola got on when their date is aired on next week’s show.

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