Holly Willoughby hides in loo to avoid Peter Andre’s TV report

She didn't want to watch his ghost-hunting

Phillip Schofield couldn’t wait to scare the living daylights out of his colleague Holly Willoughby.

During Wednesday’s episode of This Morning, the 55-year-old presenter proved he was still a kid at heart by scaring his blonde bezzie.

After an ad break, Holly interrupts Phil and tells the camera: “Can we just say what happened?”

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“So I went to the loo, and I’m sitting on the loo, and then suddenly there’s this ‘Raaaghhhh’ at the door whilst I was on the loo!

“And it was him! Have fun did you?” she asked looking him straight in the eye.

Obviously, Phil found it hilarious and laughed: “I just couldn’t resist!”

Just before she revealed what happened, the 36-year-old told viewers at home that she was feeling “anxious” before watching Peter Andre’s ghost investigation.

The Mysterious Girl singer was sent to Muncaster Castle in the Lake District, which is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Britain. Holly couldn’t watch as she found it too terrifying, so took herself to the loo!

Aww, bless.

Luckily, there was no need for her to be scared at all, as Pete found nothing.

He stayed overnight in one of the most eerie rooms in the castle, the Tapestry Room. Previous visitors have seen door handles turn, and even a child crying, but nothing actually happened.

Twitter users saw the footage and couldn’t help but joke about his ghost-hunting expedition.

One asked if there was “any chance of someone exorcising” Pete!

Another hilariously commented: “Is Jordan haunting him again”, obviously referring to his ex Katie Price.

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A third unconvinced social media user wrote: “Peter Andre investigates if aliens exist, finds nothing. Then investigates if ghosts exist, finds nothing. It’s going well #thismorning”.

Better like next time, mate!