Poldark to air TV’s most cringe-worthy sex scene ever this weekend…

We bet Sarah Ferguson will be tuning in

Warning folks – Poldark may well be a bit sucky at the weekend and in a slightly icky way.

The sizzling drama will include a toe-curling scene in which the local vicar indulges in a spot of foot play.

It was a moment originally captured in the 1970s version of the series with bubbly Chritopher Biggins nailing the scene.

But it was cut because bosses thought it was far too raunchy.

“When the head of the BBC saw it, he said: ‘There’s no way I can put that scene out on a Sunday night after Dad’s Army’,” Biggins has explained.

“So it was never shown. I have very fond memories of Poldark.”

“The scene was a close-up of her foot and my tongue. It was a riot.”

This weekend’s Poldark gets steamy (credit: BBC)

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The revamp though has no problem with explicit content with a history of very raunchy scenes with the hunky star Aidan Turner baring his bottom and causing a stir.

While Aidan got to keep it classy, Christian Brassington as religious leader Osborne Whitworth, must showcase his foot fetish on Sunday.

Christian Brassington plays religious leader Osborne Whitworth (credit: BBC)

Meanwhile actor Christian has happily offered no competition to Aidan’s much-adored pecs and abs, which, sadly, the actor has been keeping under wraps this series.

Nonetheless, the man of God has revealed he ate 3,500 every single day on set to create his character’s food-munching hefty physique.

Sadly Aidan Turner doesn’t get saucy (Credit: BBC)

He said: “The Poldark producers didn’t demand that I put on the weight, but this character, when you read the description of him, he’s a big guy and he needs to be like that and I love that side of things.

“I started off trying to do it healthily – lots of eggs and protein shakes.

“But there was a morning when I had a six-egg omelette with a packet of spinach and a packet of mozzarella and with that a protein shake with powdered oats in it.

Christian Brassington plays religious leader Osborne Whitworth (BBC)

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“I sat there at 9 o’clock in the morning thinking: ‘I am not going to be able to do the show feeling sick’.”

The racy scenes on Sunday will see some intense new storylines  unfold as Poldark “traverses new family, new loves and new battles, as the French revolution casts a shadow over life in Cornwall”.

There’s still lots to look forward to with nine episodes in total – but we still want to see some Aidan Turner chest!

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