Pointless contestant ruins friendship with most stupid answer ever

Exasperated pal actually delivered the death stare after rolling her eyes

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Best friends can forgive each other for most things. Except perhaps sleeping with their partner. Or their ex. Or their mother…

Oh, and being humiliated by them on a TV quiz show beloved by everyone – so it appears.

Pity poor Sarah, who agreed to appear on Pointless with her pal Mariam.

All was going not too badly until Sarah was asked to name a country that ends with two consonants.

Her answer? Paris. PARIS!

That’s an almighty clanger by anyone’s standards.

It gets better – Sarah has an A-level in Geography.

Still, we can totally (okay, slightly) imagine that the nerves of being on a national TV show, the heat of the lights, the imposing cameras and the eyes of the rival contestants on you can all cause brain freeze.

Remember that guy on Family Fortunes who answered ‘Naomi Campbell’ when asked to name a bird with a long neck?

See, losing your ability to think like a normal person on quiz shows is a thing!

However, Mariam was in no mood to be magnanimous about her friend’s cock-up – and she made no secret of her disgust and rage.

She shot her erstwhile – we assume – friend the filthiest of looks and rolled her eyes in utter disdain.

We’re guessing these two won’t be forming any pub quiz teams any time soon.