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Emmerdale plans shock romance for returnee Daz

And they're going to be an "odd couple"

Daz Spencer has only been back on Emmerdale for two minutes, and he’s already being lined up for a romantic storyline!

Well, that didn’t take him long, did it?

The randy old goat caused all sorts of problems when he was last in the village three years ago, planting a smacker on bride-to-be Kerry Wyatt, much to his brother Dan Spencer’s disgust.

And according to series producer Iain MacLeod, the returning rogue is going to be thrust into another saucy situation at some point in the future…

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Daz snogged Kerry last time he was in the soap (Credit: ITV)

“There’s definitely one on the cards,” he teased during an interview with

“I won’t say who with, but there’s an interesting ‘odd couple’ dynamic, which is really good fun.”

Daz (played by Mark Jordon) made his sensational return to the ITV show earlier this week when Kerry spotted him begging for money on the streets.

And before he gets involved in any more love trysts, he’ll need to sort himself out a bit.

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“He’s in a really bad place,” admitted Jordon to “It’s a major change to the Daz we last saw to the one we’ll see now.

“He’s lost everything and has literally hit the bottom of the barrel.

“He’s in dire straits and has had a lot to think about since he was last in the village.”

Credit: ITV
Kerry found Daz begging on the streets (Credit: ITV)

So does that mean dodgy Daz has turned over a new leaf? Quite possibly…

“His time on the streets opened up a lot of thought,” revealed Jordon.

“He’s made a plan and he’d like to rectify the problems he’s caused.

“He’s also quite nervous and embarrassed about his situation and how he got there, and really wants to better himself.”

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That’s all well and good, but first Daz has to figure out how to worm his way back into the village. After all, he wasn’t exactly Mr Popular when he left…

Could Harriet be Daz’s new love? (Credit: ITV)

Luckily, help is at hand in the shape of Kerry, who empathises with his predicament.

“It has a profound effect on Kerry,” explained Laura Norton, who plays her.

“We’ll see a parallel with her journey as we learn more about her past, which is quite interesting.

“She tries to get Dan on board, but gets a very negative reaction. So she goes behind his back and concocts a plan to get [Daz] to the village – hopefully on Harriet’s bible bus.”

Will that be where Daz meets his future squeeze? We’ll have to wait and see…

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