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Thursday 2nd April 2020

Piers Morgan's Top 10 outbursts on GMB

Counting down his best moments on Good Morning Britain

Love him or hate him, Piers Morgan's rants on Good Morning Britain are the stuff of legend.

He has branded Theresa May "shameful" and "disgusting" for her part in the Windrush immigrants scandal, and even made a grown woman cry on the GMB sofa after challenging her for billing a friend £325 because her three-year-old daughter's designer shoes were damaged during a playdate.

Never let it be said there's ever a dull moment when Piers has the reins and goes off on one.

So, in honour of the man, we're counting down his top 10 outbursts, with a mix of serious, life-or-death topics close to his heart and hilarious moments when not even long-suffering co-host Susanna Reid could pull the emergency stop cord on the one-man runaway train.

10) "I am a shining bastion of common sense in this country."

Yes, he really did say that, during an interview with the aptly-named Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, who was championing a campaign to ban junk food from public transport.

That is the way this is going. All men transported to the planet Mars, leaving just women.

It didn't quite go as planned, with the chat taking a bizarre turn midway over the thorny topic of curry.

9) Headteacher bans snowball fights

Piers was in full support of headteacher Ges Smith who introduced a rule in his school forbidding snowball fights.

Only kidding. The host called it "health and safety madness" and labelled the head "Old killjoy Ges", not least on discovering that pupils were not even allowed to build snowmen.

8) Anti-Donald Trump feminists

Just days into Trump's presidency, protesters gathered around the world for the Women's March, a series of demonstrations against the US leader's much-vaunted plans to restrict female reproductive rights.

Piers, often a staunch defender of the president, took to Twitter to criticise pop star Madonna for suggesting during the Washington DC rally that she'd fantasised about "blowing up the White House".

So, inevitably, came a debate on GMB with Piers versus three anti-Trump feminists, a remarkable exchange culminating in one of the most extraordinary endings to a TV interview.

7) Non-binary gender and the elephant in the room

Merely the names of this couple, who identify themselves as neither male nor female, no doubt got Piers' back up before the interview even started — Fox and Owl.

It went downhill from there, with the bewildered presenter declaring: "If you could say I'm not a boy or girl any more, what else can you say you're not?

"If I identify now as anything, is anything fine? Can I be anything I want?

"Can I be an elephant? Can I literally say I’m now an elephant and can I be afforded elephant rights?” Oh, Piers.

6) Burglar stabbed to death

A GMB guest tried to defend a shrine created by mourning family and friends of a burglar fatally stabbed while trying to raid the home of a pensioner, who was the main carer for his elderly wife and had been left too traumatised and fearful to return to his property.

Piers didn't hold back, calling the raider, believed to be a traveller, a "scumbag" in his opening gambit, adding: "Why should we feel a shred of sympathy? I couldn't give a stuff how this community grieves."

5) Chivalry is dead

Back to something lighter, whether men should still be allowed to hold a door open for women and say: "Ladies first."

First, Piers gets reprimanded for referring to the GMB make-up team as “lovely women”.

Then he took the debate to its crazy logical conclusion: “Do we want to stop any romance? Any sex? Anything?

"Do women want to live on their own, on the planet, with all men evaporated?

"That is the way this is going. All men transported to the planet Mars, leaving just women."

Commence much head-banging-on-desk and Susanna Reid even shushing Piers in a vain bid to calm him down, while almost certainly keeping her fingers crossed that Piers is on that first shuttle to the Red Planet.

4) Trump’s Muslim ban

Back to one of Piers' favourite subjects, his old mate from the US version of The Apprentice, Donald Trump, and a furious row with one of the president's biggest supporters, Ann Coulter.

She was live via satellite defending then-candidate Trump's much-criticised and highly controversial Muslim ban in America.

Full marks to Piers for the way he ends the interview.

3) Orlando shooting

While we're on the other side of the pond, here's arguably Piers' biggest crusade, in favour of gun control in the US.

This interview with an American pro-gun campaigner came in the wake of the mass shooting in an Orlando gay nightclub that saw 49 killed and 53 wounded.

You can't question Piers' passion, and the segment comes with a rare collector's item — Susanna actually agreeing with him.

2) Tommy Robinson

Brandishing the Quran holy book of Islam and clearly inciting hate, the far-right activist felt the full force of Piers Morgan.

No more words are necessary here. Just watch.

1) Classic Piers Morgan

If aliens landed tomorrow and demanded Earthlings to explain Piers Morgan, all you'd have to do is show them this clip.

It truly has everything — gender debate, sheer pig-headed righteousness and even high-pitched impressions of his co-hosts who he calls "virtue-signalling clowns". Seriously. Enjoy!