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Monday 19th August 2019

Serial killer walks out of tense TV interview as Piers Morgan goes for the jugular

Presenter went in hard and said what all viewers were thinking...

This is the moment serial killer Lorenzo Gilyard angrily stopped his interview with Piers Morgan before trudging back to his life behind bars.

Good Morning Britain host Piers' interrogation proved too much for the 'Kansas City strangler' who, following a series of outbursts, finally crumpled as he continued to deny he had any idea what the defence had stated at his trial.

Gilyard, 67, repeatedly stonewalled Piers' questions throughout last night's ITV special, denying he ever met or was in contact with his victims, claiming to "feel bad" and "sorry" for their families but maintained there was "nothing he could do about it".

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Gilyard denied ever meeting his victims (Credit: ITV)

The former waste management worker - serving life without the chance of parole for the murder of six women, although he is believed to have raped and killed 13 - also insisted 'lying makes him angry' and smiled over the thought of paying for sex before denying he implied all women are prostitutes.

But following further questioning over Gilyard's rejection of the "overwhelming" DNA evidence against him, as well as his avoidance over who he believed had committed the appalling crimes, Piers was seen pausing before launching his final volley.

He said: "The problem I have, Lorenzo, is that you go from being this charming, well spoken, polite man to something very different very quickly.

"Do you think I'm an idiot, Lorenzo? Do I look an idiot to you?"

"You go to being someone I could imagine, if he was angry and he was pushed enough, could be very dangerous."

Despite Piers' compliments, Gilyard was inarticulate and uncommunicative (Credit: ITV)

Dismissing the motive of being 'disrespected' by his victims because he "didn't know" them, the criminal continued to claim ignorance about how his semen was found on all of the women.

Gilyard finally snapped as he claimed not to know how this damning element was refuted by his legal team in court.

"You have no idea what your defence was?" Piers replied incredulously.

Piers was staggered by Gilyard's claims of innocence (Credit: ITV)

He pressed: "You were charged with killing 13 women by strangulation and you have no idea what your defence was?"

Piers continued: "Do you think I'm an idiot, Lorenzo? Do I look an idiot to you?"

Following a brief lick of of his lips, Gilyard stood up swiftly and indicated to a guard he wanted to head back to his cell.

Gilyard checks to see if Piers is still glaring at him (Credit: ITV)

Standing awkwardly, not knowing where to look as Piers held him in his gaze, Gilyard managed a civil farewell before shuffling away.

Earlier in the interview, an agitated Gilyard had already threatened to walk away under the pressure of Piers' questioning as he claimed his comments did not imply he thought all women are prostitutes and were "taken out of context".

Asked if he would pay for sex, Gilyard replied: "If she was good enough, I don’t know. I’d never put myself in that position. I don't know, man.

"Basically I was taught you pay a woman for sex all the time, if you buy her a drink or take her out for dinner."

Gilyard removes his microphone as he trudges away (Credit: ITV)

Dawn Knox, the daughter of victim Catherine Barry, admitted she found some solace hearing Gilyard had been "unnerved" by the interview and was finding incarceration difficult.

"That actually brings me a little bit of peace, to know that he's suffering," she said.

"He should suffer because he devastated us. And we can't get it back.

"So good. I'm glad to hear he's 'quite miserable'. I hope it continues."

One of Gilyard's victims, Catherine Barry (Credit: ITV)

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