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Sunday 21st July 2019

Piers Morgan gets into yet another Twitter spat with BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker

These two are like naughty school children!

Piers Morgan and BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker have something of a love/hate relationship.

And the two got into another war of words on Twitter yesterday, after Dan posted a link about career opportunities at BBC Breakfast.

Jumping straight onto Dan's tweet, Piers cheekily wrote: "Nah, I'm good thanks mate. Heard it's a bit dulll & the pay's [bleep]."

Piers starts yet another war of words (Credit: Twitter)

Not one to take such a slur lying down, Dan hit back immediately with a jab about Piers' salary, asking if he and his Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid were paid the same.

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Dan gives as good as he gets when it comes to Piers Morgan (Credit: BBC)

Dan tweeted at Piers: "We are well remunerated. Importantly... Louise [Minchin] and I are paid the same for Breakfast. Can the same be said for you and Susanna?"

With talk of the gender pay gap looming large last week, especially after International Women's Day on Thursday, it was a topical jab from the BBC man.

Well played, Dan! (Credit: Twitter)

Piers then landed a blow of his own, claiming he and Susanna were paid more handsomely at ITV than their BBC counterparts, due to being more entertaining!

He tweeted: "We're both paid more than you two put together. But that's because we're entertaining."

We're both paid more than you two put together. But that's because we're entertaining.


Piers jabbed back - but didn't answer the question (Credit: Twitter)

It's far from the first time Piers and Dan have exchanged quips on Twitter. Before Christmas, Piers took another opportunity to wind Dan up, this time on air on Good Morning Britain.

After noticing the BBC had written a story about him, Piers said:"We were just having a little gossip and you know what we haven't talked about is our so-called rival, Dan Walker.

"The BBC's own website ran a piece praising Good Morning Britain and about how successful we are and we haven't had a chance to thank the BBC. So I'd like to thank [them] - Susanna's former employer - for extolling the success story that is Good Morning Britain."

Piers and Susanna have been a ratings hit (Credit: ITV)

It seemed their most recent debate had been put to rest after Piers' comment regarding Dan and Louise Minchin's entertainment value.

But Dan made sure to get the last word, replying to another fan's tweet about whether Piers and Susanna are paid the same from GMB.

The fan tweeted: "Come on Piers. Are you and Susanna paid the same or do you get more for the same job?"

Dan replied: "For someone who 'demands answers' @piersmorgan is doing a good job of avoiding this one."

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Over to you, Piers...

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