Piers Morgan branded sexist over “women in heels at work” debate

Another day, another controversy for Good Morning Britain!

Another day, another controversial comment from Piers Morgan.

The outspoken Good Morning Britain host has been branded sexist for saying office bosses should be able to tell their female staff to wear heels to work.

Piers and co-host Susanna Reid were joined by Nicola Thorp, who was sent home by her employers last year for refusing to wear stilettos.

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The gorgeous actress from East Hackney, said she was told to leave on her first day at an accountants firm after she turned up in flat shoes.

An inquiry by MP’s showed that many bosses still ordered women to look “sexy” at work.

Piers said: “Certain jobs I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them (employers) to say we don’t want you in flats showing visitors around.”

Afterwards, when he was talking about Nicola’s case, he added: “She was a receptionist for an accountancy firm, she wanted the right to wear flat shoes and not to wear lipstick.

“That to me, is not what a receptionist should be.”

He ended it with: “If you’re in the presentation game, man or woman, it’s perfectly acceptable to say to staff ‘this is the dress code’.”

Viewers were outraged with his opinion!

One said: “Get @piersmorgan in heels for a period of time on Reception! We’ll see what he says then! @GMB #HeelsOrNoHeels”

It seemed that there were a lot of people that want to see Piers in heels!

Another said: “Please try wearing heels for a day & see how you feel!”

“Women being made to wear heels at work is about sexual objectification. A pair of flats can be just as smart&sophisticated #dresscode,” said another user.

One then hailed it as “sexist chauvinist behaviour”.

Piers wanted to continue the conversation with Susanna Reid and said: “I like seeing you in heels. You’re always talking about them.”

The debate comes as a report was released today from MPs saying firms who force women to wear high heels at work should face “substantial fines” at employment tribunals.

They found that there were thousands of cases across the UK.

Fans of GMB had contacted the show saying that most women chose to wear shoes without a heel because they found it too painful.

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Piers said: “Shirts with collars can be painful – we have to wear them.

“Many men are told to wear them. In Parliament, men have a dress code, women don’t.”

Clearly annoyed by that ridiculous remark, Susanna said: “I’m not sure you can compare the discomfort of a tie with the pain people are saying they are feeling wearing heels.”

Oh, Piers, look what you’ve started…

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