Piers Morgan Twitter trolls GMB co-star – but it’s not what you think!

Not to mention playing his followers like a fiddle...

He is known for stirring up controversy on and off screen – and particularly being something of a menace on Twitter.

So it’s little surprise that Piers Morgan decided to undertake a little light and playful trolling of his GMB colleague Alex Beresford, following the news Alex is to compete in the forthcoming series of Dancing on Ice.

Weatherman Alex had told reporters that he didn’t want Piers support when the show airs next month, and his comments were soon being widely reported across social media in a slightly out of context way.

As one newspaper posted a teaser for the story with the message “GMB weatherman Alex Beresford doesn’t want Piers Morgan’s support for Dancing On Ice”, Piers couldn’t resist bashing out a cheeky response.

“No problem. Who is he?” Piers wrote back.

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Followers of both Piers and Alex soon piled in with replies – mainly cutting Piers down to size for his scathing post – perhaps not realising a) the pair are workmates, and b) the reason Alex had actually given for not wanting Piers to champion him.

“Oh he is the GMB weatherman Alex Beresford – there is a picture of him somewhere” one person tweeted, helpfully, while another chipped in with “Bit nasty that is.”

Others seemed to get that it was probably all just a bit of workmate banter though…

“Just occasionally I wish people would read the thread/article so they could understand what’s going on rather than jumping to conclusions #Banter” wrote one.


“I get this feeling that you really don’t like each other for real,” said one.


So what was real story behind Piers’ crafty spot of pot stirring?

Well, what Alex actually told the papers was that he didn’t want Piers’ support just because he doesn’t think he is a very good talisman when his colleagues are involved in competitive TV shows!

Alex was referring to their fellow GMB presenter Charlotte Hawkins’ appearance on Strictly Come Dancing this year and how Piers’ backing of her did her no good at all.

Yet whenever she was criticised, her popularity soared.

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“When Charlotte was doing Strictly, when he got behind her, she was getting less votes,” Alex told The Mirror. “But if you diss her on national TV, everyone jumps in and helps. So I hope he continues to diss me!”

And, Alex insisted, Piers’ curmudgeonly persona was all just an act.

“We banter back and forth everyday, I think he’s secretly pleased I’m doing the show,” he told the paper. “He said he’s got my full support until I fall over, so I’m trying not to fall over. I think deep down he does care.”

And could we perhaps see Piers’ on the ice himself one day?

Alex thinks it’s highly unlikely, simply because of Piers’ insufferable competitiveness.

“I don’t even think if you offered him two million you’d get him on the ice,” he said. “He doesn’t like to be seen losing at anything!”

Including Twitter spats…