Piers Morgan trolls rival breakfast host AGAIN

It's the battle of the breakfast anchors

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Pier Morgan loves a Twitter feud, and he has re-sparked his famous feud against BBC breakfast presenter Dan Walker with a new tweet.

Piers couldn’t help but make fun of the BBC presenter for the recent news segment on spam (the food, not the email kind).

Piers is known to be controversial (Credit: WENN/ITV)

As it was a slow news day and Dan Walker had to discuss the weird ‘meat but not quite meat’ that is spam, Pier Morgan thought it would be the best time to take the mickey.

The 52 year old presenter tweeted Dan Walker a picture of a tin of spam and said: “Hi mate @mrdanwalker – loving your work on @BBCBreakfast!”

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But as usual he wasn’t to have the last laugh as his rival took a social media stab back at him in relation to Good Morning Britain’s discussions of the hit TV show Love Island.

Dan Walker replied to Piers saying: “We’ll leave you to deal with the big issues of the day… #LoveIsland.”

Dan Walker was quick to fight back on Twitter (Credit: BBC)

I suppose the saying is true. All’s fair in love and war!

Of course, this isn’t the first time the two have had a spat on social media.

The fact that they are rival hosts for breakfast daytime shows, has seen them get into arguments over who is best.

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In a recent interview with The Sun Piers said: “I think we are more entertaining and provocative… So if you want opinionated fare in the morning there is only one place to go, if you want solid and dare I say it, predictable fare, you can tune into Dan.” Ouch!

Piers presents Good Morning Britain and always speaks his mind (Credit: ITV)

However, to establish themselves as the clear winner a spokesperson for BBC breakfast told the Huffington Post UK: ‘”BBC Breakfast [is] by far the UK’s most watched morning news programme, with more than double the average audience of its closest competitor.”

Who knows if this battle of the breakfast hosts will ever end, but one thing’s for sure – it’s entertaining to watch!