Piers Morgan has suggested Susanna Reid could be PREGNANT

She was trying to prove a point, but it backfired!

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Piers Morgan really knows how to treat the ladies…

The cheeky chappy poked fun at co-host Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain and suggested that she could be carrying twins during a pregnancy debate.

They were talking about all of the rumours surrounding George and Amal Clooneys pregnancy.

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At one point Susanna got up and tried to prove her point that anybody can look pregnant if you position yourself a certain way.

She said: “Literally, if any woman stands side ways to camera you could speculate that she’s pregnant.”

The 46-year-old added: “It’s ridiculous – the idea of focusing on someone’s waist size.”

Piers responded: “The problem is: take Cheryl, who I dearly love, they keep it quiet to generate headlines and then when the baby is actually born they’ll sell it all to magazines.

“I’m afraid celebrities do commercialise their babies.”

His co-host wasn’t so sure, hitting back: “Yes, but also celebrities, like normal women, might just like to keep it quiet for a while.”

Ending their discussion, Piers said: “When someone sells their private life to the extent they do these days you’re allowed to speculate.”

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The shows entertainment editor Richard Arnold said: “Recent pictures of Amal Clooney have sent the rumour mill into overdrive after she and hubby George stepped out in London with what appeared to be a baby bump.”

Piers added: “It could be wind.

“Quite literally wind could have blown the dress.”

Richard joked: “Well it is described as a floaty frock.”

Oh Piers…

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