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Piers Morgan sparks debate as he slams idea of transgender women being allowed to play female professional rugby

Piers said he supports a ban on transgender women competing in World Rugby

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Piers Morgan let his feelings known on how he feels about transgender women being banned from playing female professional rugby.

The GMB star, 55, took to Twitter to share his outrage that the topic had ever been debated in the first place.

Replying to an article written by The Economist, he said he thinks a non-ban would be unfair to women.

The original tweet states: “World Rugby’s decision to ban transgender women from the women’s game was largely based on scientific evidence.”

And Piers replied: “How can there even be a debate about transgender women playing women’s rugby?

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Piers Morgan isn’t holding back (Credit: SplashNews)

What is Piers Morgan angry about now?

“It’s so obviously wrong, unfair, unequal & dangerous to women born to smaller, less powerful female biological bodies.

“We all know this. Women will get seriously hurt if this insanity prevails.”

However, Piers’ strong stance divided Twitter users.

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Some praised him for stating his opinion.

While others warned him he could be vilified for his words.

And additional users appeared to take great offence to his claims.

piers morgan transgender issues
Piers’ loves a good Twitter debate (Credit: SplashNews)

How are Twitter users reacting?

One user vouched their support with: “In amongst all your ramblings on COVID that often don’t make sense or reflect public feeling, on this topic you are entirely correct.”

Whereas another agreed with Piers: “Absolutely right. Everything is unfair and unsafe about it. Women’s safety and fairness comes over someone’s gender identity.”

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But another argued: “I think your view on the sexes is somewhat idealistic. There are both men and women bigger, stronger and smaller and weaker than I, that’s the beauty of it.

“To try and compartmentalise in this simplistic fashion is I believe rather naive at best and unhelpful.”

j k rowling
Piers has defended JK Rowling, despite not being a particular fan of hers (Credit: SplashNews)

What else has Piers said about transgender issues?

And a further user warned: “Be careful you will be compared to JK Rowling with these views in a minute.. I’m totally with you though.”

Indeed, Piers has publicly defended Harry Potter writer J K Rowling over her comments regarding gender definitions.

Her latest book, Troubled Blood, features a serial killer who kills a victim while dressed as a woman.

Some interpreted this as transphobic.

But Piers defended her on GMB. Despite not even liking her books, he said he doesn’t think she is against transgender people.

Piers said: “I don’t even like JK Rowling.

“I just find you clowns demanding her book be burned when you haven’t even read it pathetic.”

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