Piers Morgan slams ‘vicious’ criticism of Meghan over appearance with Archie at polo

He thought the criticism was "mean-spirited" and "horrible"

Piers Morgan has defended the Duchess of Sussex after she was accused of not holding her baby son correctly by concerned fans.

Meghan attended a polo tournament on Wednesday (July 10) to support her husband Harry, who was taking part.

She brought along their adorable eight-week-old son Archie, but the way she was carrying him was criticised by some people.

Meghan was criticised for the way he held Archie (Credit:

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Many critics said she “needs to learn how to hold a baby properly” and said she looked “very uncomfortable” and “awkward”, while others defended the new mum.

Now, Good Morning Britain presenter Piers – who often criticises Meghan and the way she acts as part of the royal family – has defended the duchess and insisted it takes time to “get familiar with how to comfortably take care of a baby”.

In an article written in the Daily Mail, dad-of-four Piers said: “I read the vicious reaction to photos of her awkwardly carrying her new baby son Archie at a polo match, a surprising pang of sympathy welled up inside me.

“She’s only been a mother for a few weeks. It takes time, and a lot of trial and error, to get familiar with how to comfortably take care of a baby.

Piers defended Meghan against criticism (Credit: Andy Barnes /

“I didn’t share the gleeful abuse meted out to Meghan for not carrying Archie in a perfect manner. In fact, I thought the attacks on her were mean-spirited and horrible.”

Many royal fans have also jumped to Meghan’s defence, with one person writing on the ED! official Facebook page: “Can you think of anything else to pick on her for? Did not see anything wrong with how she is holding her baby.”

Another said: “It’s her child and he is obviously comfortable and he may prefer to be held that way.”

Piers has been openly critical of Meghan since she married Harry.

Just this week, he ranted about the reports that she banned people from taking photos of her at Wimbledon.

Piers has been openly critical of Meghan since she married Harry (Credit: ITV)

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Piers said on GMB yesterday: “I’m a big fan of the royal family but I’m not a big fan of Ms Markle.

“This is not a private visit. If you’re the Duchess of Sussex, getting a freebie at Wimbledon, you’re there as a member of the royal family.

“I don’t know what they’re trying to achieve. She wants all the good stuff and she’s behaving like a Hollywood actress. She wants to have her cake and eat it and it’s driving people nuts.”

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