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Piers Morgan slams ‘utter nonsense’ government coronavirus advice

The GMB host has made no secret of his anger with those in charge

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Piers Morgan has laid into the “clueless” government over advice on how to stay safe from coronavirus.

He made the strong statement after spotting a Tweet from Number 10.

And Piers wasted no time in letting his 7.6 million followers know exactly what he thought.

Piers Morgan has been highly critical of the government during the pandemic (Credit: Splash News)

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Piers Morgan calls No.10 ‘clueless’

He spotted the tweet, which came from the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official Downing Street Twitter account.

However, officials must have realised it wasn’t worded quite right themselves – it was later deleted.

That didn’t stop Piers retweeting it.

The tweet said: “You can only meet people who don’t live with you outside. Whatever the weather.”

It was accompanied by an emoji showing rain, as most of the UK is experiencing wet weather today.

But it contradicted the government’s own advice.

People can form ‘bubbles’ with other households under certain circumstances.

They can also now visit pubs and hair salons, starting from today.

Piers Morgan has laid into Boris Johnson a number of times (Credit: Splash News)

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It led to Piers launching into one of his scathing diatribes.

“No10 retweeted this earlier, then realised it was utter nonsense and contradicted all their new guidance re pubs, restaurants, hair salons etc – so deleted it.

“They’re completely clueless,” he wrote.

Fans divided

Yesterday, Piers slammed the decision to open pubs from 6am.

He tweeted: “Reopening Britain’s pubs on a sunny Saturday in July was dumb enough. Letting them open from 6am is stupefyingly stupid.

Piers has been vocal on Good Morning Britain on the government’s handling of the crisis – leading to some ministers avoiding the show (Credit: ITV)

“Does anyone at No.10 have a brain? Or do they just want us all to die? Serious questions.”

But some fans thought the tweet from No.10 was just an honest mistake.

“Or could just be a mistake that was quickly deleted,” one replied to Piers’ rant.

However, another said: “I have absolutely NO idea what I am meant to do now.”

Yet another agreed with Piers. “Meet but don’t meet. Go to work but don’t go to work. two metres but not two metres. Wear mask but don’t. Shake hands but don’t…” they wrote.

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