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Piers Morgan slams rioters in London as ‘right-wing thugs’

Reports some rioters threw bottles and smoke bombs at police

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A furious Piers Morgan has lashed out at rioters for being “right-wing thugs”.

The Good Morning Britain star tweeted his disgust this afternoon (Saturday June 13, 2019) following disturbing clashes in central London.

Retweeting footage of violence in Parliament Square, Piers slammed the “disgusting scenes”.

He commented: “Police & journalists being attacked by right-wing thugs. Shameful.”

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Many of Piers’ social media fans were revolted by the news of bottles and smoke bombs being thrown at police.

Other reports suggested some rioters had given Nazi-style salutes as tensions escalated.

They came specifically to have a riot, were all geared up for it.

“They came specifically to have a riot, were all geared up for it,” tweeted one follower back at Piers.

“Chanting ‘England’ with pride… while humiliating the country #England,” lamented another.

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Another person observed: “I feel like I’m back in the 80s watching the National Front. Thought those dark days were in the past.”

Someone else wondered aloud: “I wonder how many of them have complained in the last week about violence against police and lack of social distancing.”

‘Humiliating the country’

And yet another person complained: “I am so ashamed of this country I call home.”

However, some respondents to Piers’ tweet tried to justify the violence.

One person wrote: “So Piers, it was ok when they were attacked by left-wing thugs last weekend?”

Other Twitter users were quick to shut them down and dismiss claims about injuries sustained by police officers last weekend.

However, someone else replied to them: “10 police officers injured last weekend, numbers already triple that at dinner time on Saturday.”


Yesterday Piers commented about the decision to board up a statue of Winston Churchill.

He wrote on Instagram: “This photo shames Britain. The fact Sir Winston Churchill’s statue has had to be boarded up to stop people vandalising it is disgraceful.

“He saved our country from the Nazis – and THIS is how we repay him? Appalling.”

Addressing vandalism towards the statue last week, he also said: “The bottom line with the Churchill statue is, if that is what you want the image to be from a protest about George Floyd.

“Then there’s something wrong with you.

“You’re not going to bring anybody with you on any campaign, any attempts to change things for the better, if you desecrate Winston Churchill – recently voted the greatest Briton of all time.

“Churchill wasn’t perfect, he had a chequered past, he said some racially inflammatory things over the years, there’s no question of that.”

Piers carried on: “But, he saved the world and this country from Adolf Hitler.”

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