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Piers Morgan slams notion that the coronavirus pandemic ‘is over’

Piers Morgan urges the public to remain vigilant in the fight against COVID-19

Piers Morgan has hit back over the claim that coronavirus ‘is over’.

The Good Morning Britain host, 55, says COVID-19 is just as dangerous as ever.

A disgruntled Twitter user suggested that Piers was being hypocritical on where he stands on the issue.

But the GMB host wasted no time in writing a snarky reply.

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Some Brits have accused Piers Morgan of ‘fear mongering’ when it comes to coronavirus (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Piers Morgan thinks coronavirus is still a huge threat

Piers originally shared a link to a BBC article regarding COVID-19 in the UK.

He tweeted: “Excellent piece.

“Bottom line: Covid remains a very dangerous virus but social distancing, good hygiene & better drug treatment have helped control it well in UK since April peak.

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“However… winter coming & France hospitalisations rising fast again should serve as warning.”

A user replied: “April peak? I thought you said last week it was only just getting started?”

Piers hit back and suggested that anyone who thinks the pandemic ‘is over’ is stupid.

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Coronavirus has already claimed over 40,000 deaths in the UK (Credit: Unsplash.com)

Coronavirus complacency

He wrote: “Globally, it is. Infection rates in countries like India are exploding & there is increasing evidence of a second wave starting in parts of Europe.

“We all need to remain vigilant & avoid stupid ‘IT’S OVER!’ complacency.”

However, further users were then divided over Piers claims.

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Some argued that the pandemic is still rampant, while others accused Piers of scaremongering.

One user tweeted: “It’s not over and we should still respect it. Be vigilant for all those NHS workers etc. who have helped to fight this so far.”

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Brits must wear face masks in shops (Credit: Unsplash.com)

Another user agreed: “Who is saying it’s over? A tiny minority, but it’s still around messing up people’s jobs, holiday plans, meeting vulnerable family.

“Cases are generally going up because lockdowns have been removed & testing increased, but the hospital admissions & deaths in Europe have declined.”

But further users begged to disagree.

A user argued: “There is also increasing evidence that the whole thing has been a con Piers. Having had COVID I would recommend people to focus on getting their immune system up and staying healthy.”

A further user ranted: “It’s over Piers, your viewers need to go back to work and you need to find a new hook.

“India is a densely populated place and many places will not have access to hand gel etc. Just calm your little self down, stop the hysteria and accept we have moved on.”

To date there have been over 332,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK and almost 50,000 deaths.

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