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Piers Morgan slams Denise Welch’s COVID-19 beliefs as ‘dumb, deluded & dangerous’

He's called her a 'COVID-denier' as well

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Piers Morgan has hit out at Denise Welch following her controversial appearance on This Morning.

The GMB star mocked Denise’s impassioned appearance on This Morning on Friday (September 4).

Denise argued that the media and government have overreacted regarding coronavirus.

She claims that they have been ‘scaremongering’ and leaving many vulnerable.

Why is Piers Morgan so angry with Denise Welch?

denise welch
Denise Welch said she thinks the media has overreacted to COVID-19 (Credit: ITV)

But Piers has branded her beliefs as ‘dumb’ amongst other things.

Addressing his some 7.6 million Twitter followers, he tweeted: “Dumb, deluded & dangerous Covid-deniers like Denise Welch need to stop being given airtime.

“Her idiotic, ill-informed ramblings – from a woman who never stops telling us that she suffers from mental illness – will cost lives by persuading people to think the virus isn’t a threat.”

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Piers is referring to Denise’s battle with anxiety and depression.

His strong words for the actress turned Loose Women panelist has divided users.

Some are strongly on his side, while others argue that Denise makes thought-provoking points.

Piers and Denise’s COVID war

piers morgan
Piers Morgan continually urges Brits to take COVID-19 seriously (Credit:

One user replied: “I agree – couldn’t believe the dangerous talk coming out of her mouth.

“The day we stop being nervous about contracting COVID-19 is the day the virus wins and potentially decimates the population & the NHS.”

Another user claimed: “She was hysterical. Any time someone made a calm point she was screaming at them providing no sources for her information. Let’s all just listen to the experts rather than these nut jobs.”

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But others agreed with Denise’s assertions, including one who tweeted: “She’s not denying it, she’s just putting the opposite view in of your daily scaremongering.”

denise welch
The actress turned telly presenter is also a mental health advocate (Credit:

And another argued: “Did you watch? [She] didn’t deny its existence. She has an issue with constant scaremongering. And if one of your family had mental health issues you wouldn’t be so dismissive.”

Additional users told off Piers for mentioning Denise’s mental health struggles.

One asserted: “Wow, such a low blow and an insult Piers. Denise uses her platform for mental health awareness.

“I’m not saying everything she is saying about the virus is correct, but to attack her mental health, shameful.”

A further user scolded: “But at least she doesn’t have double standards, I take offence you bringing her mental health into it . I’ve suffered for 20+ years with it and all the scaremongering really does affect it . Good on you @RealDeniseWelch.”

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