Piers Morgan slams actors

Piers Morgan slams ‘tedious’ actors in social media rant

He blasted their 'incessant hand-wringing'

Piers Morgan appeared to be fuming as he hit out at “tedious” actors who apologise for everything.

The Good Morning Britain host, 55, took to Twitter to blast stars of TV and film who are so gripped with “self-loathing” they feel the need to say sorry for everything they’ve “said, written, done and performed”.

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan slammed actors filled with ‘self-loathing’ and their ‘tedious’ apologies (Credit: WP Pix / SplashNews.com)

What did Piers Morgan say about actors?

In his latest rant, the controversial daytime TV presenter suggested actors who apologise for now-outdated projects are driven by a “terror of the woke cops”.

He tweeted: “Can actors please stop apologising for absolutely everything?

piers morgan
Piers is currently on a break from GMB (Credit: ITV)

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“We get it, you’re all gripped in an orgy of self-loathing about everything you’ve ever said, written, done and performed – driven by terror of the woke cops.

“But your incessant hand-wringing is so [bleeping] tedious.”

You’re all gripped in an orgy of self-loathing.

It’s not clear who Piers was talking about.

His rant follows a number of high-profile apologies from stars in recent months – including Keith Lemon, who issued an apology for portraying black characters in his series Bo’ Selecta!

Piers fans agreed with his tweet in the replies.

‘Worry’ about cancel culture

One said: “As much as I like tolerance, and freedom from hate, I do worry about cancel culture. Living in a tolerant society should mean allowing people to have opinions and make mistakes. Offending someone isn’t against the law. If someone offends you, ignore them. It’s not hard.”

Another said, cynically: “They have probably got their agent or researchers double checking their back catalogue for anything ‘controversial’, just in case, god help us.”

A third replied: “Jeez I agree with Piers Morgan! Is this the other side of your split personality switching over for the remaining months of the year?”

It follows a tweet Piers shared last week in which he claimed that the nicest people on our screens are often not as loveable in real life.

‘Diabolical’ in real life

The presenter seemed to be referecing the furore around The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is being investigated by its parent company amid allegations of misconduct, according to reports.

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Piers wrote on Twitter: “Rule one of TV: the ‘nicer’ stars seem on camera, and the more they bang on about ‘being kind’, the more diabolical they tend to be in real life.”

Piers is currently enjoying a break from GMB with his family.

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