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Piers Morgan slammed as a hypocrite as he moans the streets are ‘packed’ despite second lockdown

Pot calling the kettle black?

Piers Morgan has been branded a hypocrite after he said his local streets are ‘packed’ despite the second national lockdown.

Taking to Twitter, Piers shared a photo from the ritzy area of Notting Hill, London.

In view of his seven million plus followers, he tweeted: “LOCKDOWN’ 2: Notting Hill streets absolutely packed with people, cars, buses, shops, cafes….whatever this is, it’s very different to the first Lockdown.”

But many Twitter users couldn’t help but use Piers’ observations to lash out at him.

piers morgan outside ITV studios
Piers Morgan has been branded a hypocrite by many Twitter users (Credit: SplashNews)

Why are Twitter users calling Piers Morgan a hypocrite?

And indeed point out his supposed hypocrisy. Many pointed out that Piers was one of the people out and about in Central London.

One Twitter user observed: “And you’re one of them,” to which another presumedly sarcastically replied: “But it’s OK for Piers.”

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Meanwhile a further user mocked: “Lots of people out on the streets of London. Says man out on the streets of London…..”

Yet another teased: “Like all good investigative journalists you’re right in the thick of it piers, on the front line, putting yourself in harms way, well played.”

While a user taunted: “Cafes located on a street, madness. you took the picture so you’re just as bad you absolute clown.”

piers morgan on the set of piers morgan's life stories
Piers has continually advocated for lockdowns in the UK (Credit: ITV)

What are Brits saying about the new lockdown?

Additional users argued that Brits simply aren’t willing to abide by the rules this time around.

Particularly after top government members appeared to flout lockdown measures over the summer.

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In fact, football coach and former player Gary Neville even retweeted Piers’ tweet with the reply: “Dominic Cummings.”

Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister Dominic of course was caught driving his family to Durham from London during the last lockdown.

A second user also argued: “People are rebelling. We’re sick of it now. The first one did nothing and a second one won’t do anything. Good on the people going out and keeping local business running.”

Before a further user lashed out at Piers with: “Perhaps that people give a s*** about their mental and physical health, it’s a beautiful day, get out there. Many of them don’t have multiple or lavish properties like those doing the preaching.”

The new national lockdown will last until at least 2 December.

Boris Johnson has said the lockdown will definitely end on this date.

However, several other top MPs have indicated otherwise, including Michael Gove.

He said if coronavirus rates don’t go down significantly over the next four weeks, a lockdown extension is a possibility.

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