Piers Morgan reveals GMB “lost complete control” after technical error

The heatwave was said to cause equipment to overheat

Piers Morgan has apologised after Good Morning Britain was taken off air on Wednesday due to the heat.

The TV presenter got a bit hot under the collar after technical issues meant he and co-host Susanna Reid had “lost complete control”.

Soaring temperatures meant that the equipment literally had a meltdown.

The heat sent Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid a little crazy (Credit: ITV/Wenn)

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It overheated at GMB’s transmission centre in west London.

Britain really can’t handle the heat, can it?

Luckily Susanna noticed the issue and apologised to viewers after an ad break cut to Kate Garraway, then was replaced with a black screen.

Viewers were confused when the screen cut to a black timer screen (Credit: ITV)

The 46-year-old said: “I need to just quickly make a quick apology to people watching.

“Not for anything we’ve done here at the desk, apparently viewers have been seeing, while we’ve been discussing these important issues, other stuff on air.

“A graphic and some commercials, just probably in slightly the wrong place, so just in case you’re a bit confused, here we are, we’re back and we’re going to continue the discussion.”

Piers, 52, then joked: “How do they know this is real?”

Piers and Susanna squirmed as they had no control over what was happening (Credit: ITV)

Susanna then added: “Apparently you’re seeing things on your television that we are not intending to go out on air.

“This is because apparently, the technical equipment at Chiswick in London at our transmission centre is overheating.

“Now I don’t know if that is a direct result of the very hot weather, but it is meaning that things are being put on air that we are not attending.

“It’s not always us, we can’t tell here in the studio.”

Piers tweeted his apologies to viewers after the tech equipment overheated (Credit: Twitter)

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Making light of the situation, Piers said: “Basically it means we have lost complete control and anything could happen.

“Now, I don’t know about you but that could be very watchable television.”

It certainly was!

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