Piers Morgan embarks on mass social media ‘blocking spree’

The GMB star's had enough of 'Covidiots'

Piers Morgan has told social media followers he has gone on a ‘mass blocking spree’ to shield himself from the views of ‘Covidiots’.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 55, has been a vocal commentator on the coronavirus crisis – and the government’s response to it – since it hit the UK earlier this year.

As his fans will know, he often sparks or is dragged into debates about COVID-19. This is particularly the case when it comes to the seriousness of the pandemic.

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan has spoken out against pranksters. (Credit:

What did Piers Morgan say about blocking people on social media?

Writing on Twitter today (Thursday, September 17), Piers revealed he taking steps to clear up his feed and block a number of accounts to ‘protect his sanity’.

He wrote: “Currently engaged in a mass Covidiot blocking spree… to protect my sanity.”

It started a debate among his followers, who were divided over what needs to be done in striking the right balance between protecting people’s health and maintaining the economy.

One said: “People are dying due to [the cancellation or delay of] essential treatments. The only ‘Covidiots’ I see right now are the ones who think we can put everything on hold forever with zero consequences. It’s time for a new approach. Your fearmongering is making things worse.”

Another tweeted to say that the average age of a coronavirus victim was higher than the average life expectancy, adding: “Let’s throw the economy into the bin! And the education system!”

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However, another user questioned those statistics and asked for a source.

Someone else thought the blocking spree was out of character for Piers. They wrote: “Free speech! I thought you were into that?”

Currently engaged in a mass Covidiot blocking spree… to protect my sanity.

Someone else claimed that the number of deaths in the North East didn’t warrant the full lockdown the government is putting in place for the region. The user said: “I think you and the the media are the covidiots for whipping the sheep into a fear frenzy.”

piers morgan debate
Piers Morgan pulled up son Spencer over his coronavirus views (Credit: ITV)

GMB host’s disagreement with son Spencer

It follows a clash Piers had on Twitter with his son.

Tweeting on Wednesday, the GMB star’s eldest lad, Spencer, pointed out the statistic about the average age of those who have died from coronavirus being higher than the life expectancy figure.

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Piers tweeted back: “So what? Are older people’s lives not as important as yours?”

Spencer then claimed his dad had ‘missed the point’.

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