Piers Morgan publicly apologises to Ariana Grande following Twitter outburst

He was too quick to judge and wade in

It’s unusual for someone to experience a ‘first’ at the ripe old age of 52.

But we reckon that’s what’s just happened with Piers Morgan – sampling what his first apology feels like.

The loudmouth never normally admits to being in the wrong.

However, as Ariana Grande enchanted millions during her One Love Manchester gig, the broadcaster took the unprecedented step to say sorry for a comment he had made about the singer.

Days after the Manchester bombing, the Queen visited young people who had been caught up in the blast at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Katy Perry tweeted: “God bless the Queen and her kind heart.”

Piers immediately jumped on this message and replied: “Agreed. Might have been nice if @ ArianaGrande had stayed to do the same.”

The disgraced newspaper editor then added: “She should have stayed to visit her injured fans.”

“I expected better from her. Her fans have been decimated. Stay, visit, comfort.”

Of course, just days after this, the One Love Manchester gig was announced – Ariana was not only returning to Manchester, she was bringing a whole heap of famous faces with her to help raise money for the emergency fund.

After landing on British soil at the weekend, the 23-year-old then visited survivors of the atrocity at her Manchester Arena concert, as well as families of her fans who lost their lives.

Watching the concert last night, Piers publicly ate humble pie, tweeting:

“I misjudged you, Ariana Grande & I apologise.

“You’re an admirable young woman & this is a magnificent night. Respect.”

Well, yes, Piers, quite.

To be fair to the controversial broadcaster, he often calls things right – but occasionally lets his mouth get the better of him, spouting nonsense.

Good to see he can hold his hands up when need be.

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