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Piers Morgan praises GMB co-star Kate Garraway after she warns Brits growing ‘fed up’ of lockdown

Kate's husband, Derek, remains in hospital

Piers Morgan has praised Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway after she issued a warning to Brits who are growing ‘fed up’ with the lockdown rules.

The GMB favourite, 55, supported Kate, 53, on Twitter following her message to viewers on the ITV daytime show this morning (Thursday, October 1).

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Kate Garraway received praise from Piers Morgan after her message on GMB (Credit: ITV)

What did Kate Garraway say to draw praise from Piers Morgan?

Speaking on GMB, Kate said: “I have huge sympathy with people who are fed up with it. I think if you haven’t been directly touched by it, you haven’t seen the devastation. But your life has been devastated, your livelihood, your ability to feel a sense of joy.

We know the basics, don’t we? And we have to do our best.

“Then of course I think you’re going to get frustrated. But it does make me tempted to show a picture of Derek, in his current state, and say, ‘You don’t want this in your life. You just don’t want this in your life, and you don’t know who it will affect and how’.

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“Stick to it. I think there’s huge confusion around it and we’ve also been told different messages at different times. However, I think we kind of know that wearing a mask, not mixing with people, social distancing, we know the basics, don’t we? And we have to do our best.”

Kate’s husband, Derek Draper, has been in hospital since contracting the virus in March.

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper
Kate Garraway’s husband, Derek, remains in hospital (Credit: SplashNews.com)

On Twitter, Piers Morgan praised Kate with a simple message shared in view of his 7.6 million followers.

“Well said, Kate,” he said, alongside a thumbs up emoji.

Not all of Piers’ followers could get behind Kate’s comments, though.

What did Piers Morgan’s followers think?

Her message sparked a debate, with one GMB viewer arguing: “So 99% of the country have to have their civil liberties trampled upon because 1% of people can’t stay sheltered from it? That’s not proportionate to the risk.”

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Another said: “That’s like saying, ‘I’m going to show you a picture of my friend who had a horrific car accident and has broken legs, ribs, neck etc’ and saying, ‘You don’t want this, don’t get in a car, it could happen to you’.”

However, someone else countered: “No, it isn’t. Asking people to behave responsibly and wear masks is like saying, ‘Here’s a picture of my friend who suffered terrible injuries in a car crash because he didn’t believe in seat belts and refused to wear one. Go in a car by all means, just wear a seat belt’.”

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