Piers Morgan play fights with co-star during Good Morning Britain skit

Richard was on the show alongside Piers and Susanna Reid

Controversial presenter Piers Morgan found himself in a spat with co-star Richard Arnold during today’s Good Morning Britain.

Richard, 47, was showing off a t-shirt that singer Debbie Harry from Blondie gave him.

But it seems Piers, 52, didn’t seem keen on his gift.

Richard was keen to show off his gift (Credit: ITV)

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Richard told Piers and Susanna Reid: “Blondie gave me this little gift which has her name all over it.

“It has a little bit of give in it, so Piers, perhaps you would like to take it?”

But Piers was quick to grab the t-shirt and throw it at Richard’s face.

Not that a fan then Piers?

Piers grabbed the t-shirt and threw it at Richard’s face (Credit: ITV)

Susanna then jumped in saying: “Steady!”

Piers responded: “Nothing like a bit of uncontrollable violence early in the morning.”

Holding his face, Richard added: “Don’t worry, [my face] is rubber, I can’t feel anything.”

He then joked: “Let’s wrestle with towels later Piers.”

Richard held his face after being hit by the t-shirt (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile Piers found himself in yet another spat with actress Denise Welch – but this one was slightly more serious.

The outspoken presenter referred to Denise as a “publicity-starved bore” in a recent tweet about mental health.

In a recent interview with Denise slammed Piers for his views on mental health by saying: “Who is Piers Morgan to even comment on mental illness?

“He doesn’t suffer from it, he doesn’t live with someone who has it and he’s not a psychologist.”

To which Piers took to Twitter to respond saying: “Pipe down, you publicity-starved bore.

“Like so many celebrities these days, you use ‘mental health’ as a brand-enhancing fashion accessory.”

Piers has found himself in a feud with Denise Welch (Credit: ITV)

His comments have sparked a feud between the pair as Denise, 59, hit back saying: “As a proud ambassador for @MindCharity @homegroup @heads_together I am very hurt by this.”

Now the star has hit back at the host in a series of tweets. She wrote: “I have lived with clinical depression for 30 yrs @piersmorgan since the birth of my child.

“I have had several breakdowns, been hospitalised, and vowed to always speak out on behalf of those who don’t have a voice.

“You are not a doctor of mental health nor a sufferer therefore completely unqualified to comment on this terrible illness.

“Shame on you. Shame on you. @piersmorgan.”

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