Piers Morgan mocked by GMB viewers over creepy interview

Sir Michael Parkinson spoke on the GMB on Wednesday's show

Piers Morgan was yet again the topic of conversation this morning on Twitter among Good Morning Britain viewers.

But it wasn’t for his usual controversial remarks.

It was actually for his “giggly” behaviour while interviewing broadcaster Sir Michael Parkinson.

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Before Michael, 82, had even arrived in the studio Piers was already expressing his excitement for meeting one of the “legends of television”.

The chat show host was on the breakfast show talking to hosts Piers, 52, and Susanna Reid, 46.

As Michael joined the presenting duo on the GMB sofa Piers was quick to ask the English presenter about his marriage to Mary Parkinson and asked him if he “takes the bins out”.

To which Michael replied: “No. Mary puts the bins out.

“Course she does. She’s Irish.”

And Piers seemed highly amused by his comments and burst into laughter.

Speaking about Parkinson’s infamous interview with Helen Mirren back in 1975.

The interview showed Michael suggesting Helen’s figure may undermine her credibility as a serious actor.

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Piers said: “I don’t think you would get away with that today Parkin!”

Michael then joked: “Well when you’ve had a career as long as mine you have many cringe worthy moments.

“But we had a meeting about 20 years after that and decided we would kiss and make up.

“Well we didn’t get that far!”

To which a giggly Piers replied: “Bet you didn’t get a kiss did you!”

And viewers didn’t miss Piers’ unusual behaviour and mocked the star on Twitter.

One wrote: “#GMB Piers Morgan is like a giggly flirty teenager interviewing Michael Parkinson. #cringe.”

“Lovely to see Sir Michael Parkinson on @GMB and dare I say @piersmorgan like a giddy kid interviewing him #bigsofty,” said another.

A third tweeted: “Loving Michael Parkinson on Good Morning Britain even putting up that Piers Morgan.”

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