Piers Morgan and “best liar” he’s ever met in new Killer Women series

The presenter interviews some of America's most notorious female killers

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Piers Morgan’s Killer Women documentary is back for a second series and will feature some of the most haunting stories yet.

ITV will be showing five hour-long episodes which look at some of America’s most notorious female murderers.

In the advert for the first episode Piers is seen talking to a woman saying: “You’re either the victim of an extraordinary miscarriage of justice of you’re a cold, calculating murderess and the best liar I’ve ever met in my life.”

(Credit: ITV)

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The woman is Rebecca Fenton – a convict found guilty of murdering her husband Larry, who was found in a pool of blood after being shot multiple times.

She still insists that she did not kill him.

“I’m not a murderer and I found my husband in a pool of blood”, Rebecca said, adding that she had no real reason to kill him.

(Credit: ITV)

Piers wanted to find out more and investigated whether she really killed her husband.

He found a motive that may have led to his murder. The couple were said to be close to divorce, and that would have meant that Rebecca’s lavish lifestyle would have ended. Larry’s death would have meant that she’d have been a rich woman.

But, as lead detective Kerri Spaulding, explains, despite the motive, all the evidence they had was circumstantial.

Piers also met Rebecca’s mother, who adopted Rebecca is a child, and believes her daughter was definitely responsible for Larry’s death.

Another upcoming episode details a 15-year-old girl who killed her ex-boyfriend.

She lured him into an ambush where he was beaten up, shot and then burned before his remains were throw into a quarry.

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The first episode airs on Thursday 22 June at 9pm on ITV.

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