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Wednesday 8th July 2020

Piers Morgan and Matt Hancock's explosive row divides Good Morning Britain fans

Piers Morgan had an explosive row with Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Good Morning Britain today (23 March).

Some praised the TV host for asking the important questions about the government's approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

Matt Hancock appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss coronavirus (Credit: ITV)

However, others were frustrated as Piers Morgan continued to interrupt the Health Secretary's answers.

Piers Morgan accused the government of not testing people for COVID-19.

He also demanded to know why they were not enforcing safety measures in supermarkets, as seen in Italy.

"Why have you not ordered supermarkets to have two metres distance? What about public transport? Order them to what is stopping you?"

The Health Secretary struggled to respond to these questions, as he was repeatedly interrupted by Piers.

He said: "I don't think it helps not letting me answer the questions."

The Health Secretary was challenged as to why the UK was not in lockdown, like the rest of Europe including the Republic of Ireland.

Piers Morgan had an explosive row with the Health Secretary on Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

Matt Hancock reassured GMB viewers that "Those countries are further along in this crisis and this is in further review."

However, Piers was having none of it and he continued to rant and talk over his guest.

"Stop trusting people! Put pressure on the Prime Minister."

Some viewers rallied to support the Good Morning Britain host on Twitter.

One said: "Matt Hancock just completely ignores the question and goes on to deliver entirely his own statement in accordance with the government's current stance... Grow a pair and show some transparency! #gmb"

While another agreed: "Safe to say the health secretary lost this argument well done @piersmorgan #gmb @GMB Matt Hancock looks like he's about to cry."

Piers hosted Good Morning Britain with Charlotte Hawkins (Credit: ITV)

However, most viewers were annoyed that Piers Morgan wouldn't give Matt Hancock a chance to speak.

"I really like how @piersmorgan challenges interviewees but sometimes I wish he would be quiet while they're answering and not interrupt so much. Not an enjoyable interview for anyone and you don't get any answers which renders the interview pointless. #gmb"

One said: "What the country needs now is to hear calm, reassuring answers from the Government - @piersmorgansadly gave @MattHancockno chance to do so on @GMBby constantly interrupting him. A real shame, that was a great chance for the Health Secretary to inform us. #GMB #piersmorgan"

Some found the interview frustrating but agreed that tighter measures should be enforced in order to contain the virus.

One viewer said: "Morgans interview technique can be frustrating but the government's messaging has been mixed and confusing, especially when you look around at other countries and see what their government's are doing. #gmb"

After a lengthy row that got more heated on Piers side and saw an eye roll from the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock clarified : " We have kept the same strategy throughout, we will do the right things at the right time based on the science. "

He continued: "We want people to follow the advice and we are perfectly prepared if they don't follow the advice, therefore the virus keeps spreading, we are perfectly prepared to take the tougher sort of measures that you mention."

Piers then asked if he or the Prime Minister Boris Johnson had taken a coronavirus test.  The Health Secretary replied that they had not.

The interview ended with Dr Hilary praising Matt Hancock, Public Health England and the NHS.

He concluded that it was not the government's fault but society who were not following the recommendations and "going into mass gatherings."

"We need to calm down a little bit and things are going down the right path."

Good Morning Britain is on ITV, weekdays at 6am.

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