Piers Morgan makes mum CRY, calling her the “worst kind of parent”

He wasn't holding back at all!

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Piers Morgan never pulls his punches on Good Morning Britain, but he has just reached a new low – making a mother cry on the sofa.

Remember our story last week about mother Sarah Louise Bryan who invoiced her friend for a whopping £325 after her daughter’s (ridiculously expensive) leather boots were marked with pen during a play-date?

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Well, Piers and Susanna Reid had her on their show, and he tore into her.

The journo branded Sarah “the worst kind of parent” as she defended her decision to invoice her pal, comparing the damaged shoes to an injured child.

Sarah said: “If you sent your child somewhere to be looked after by a responsible parent and they came back with scratches on their body…”

Mid-way through her sentence, Piers interrupted her and said: “But you’re not a responsible parent.”

Piers added: “You’re the worst kind.”

Sarah was raging by this point and said: “That is awful. You have no idea about me or my past or my life.

“My daughter is healthy, happy and is up to date on everything.”

Piers retorted: “There will not be a mother or father watching this interview who is not looking at you thinking: ‘What on earth are you doing buying a three-year-old girl 60 pairs of shoes?’”

Sarah then seemed to try and twist things around and said: “I’ve had so much abuse [on social media], you don’t even understand.

“You have absolutely no idea. This is nothing to do with my parenting and it is not fair.

“You know when I was younger I got abused and everything? And this is over a pair of shoes.”

Piers asked what that had to do with their conversation and Sarah responded with: “It has everything to do with the cyber-bullying and people having a go constantly.”

Poor Susanna Reid sat there not really knowing what to say, before attempting to diffuse the situation.

Obviously Mr Morgan refused to apologise!

Viewers took to Twitter to share their opinion and, for once, everybody was on his side.

One said: “@piersmorgan piers talking sense this morning she just got more money than brains”

Another added: “Disagree with him most of the time but @PiersMorgan utterly spot on here. The poor child having a mum who thinks she’s a bloody Barbie Doll”

Another fan said: “@piersmorgan loved the interview on breakfast TV this morning. Showing off about billing a friend for new pair of shoes. Ridiculous !!!”

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Fashion designer Sarah has well and truly been put in her place!

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