Piers Morgan lashes out at “feckless” parents on GMB

The host can't believe what parents are giving their children for lunch

Piers Morgan was silenced for Comic Relief on Friday, but he was back with a vengeance on Good Morning Britain earlier.

The controversial presenter went into meltdown mode after hearing that a parent sent their child to school with a cold, leftover McDonalds Happy Meal for their lunch.

Another parent gave their child two packets of crisps and a crisp sandwich in their lunch box.

The presenter branded the parents “feckless” and even claimed this was an example of child abuse.

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Speaking to experts on the topic of educating mums and dads about their children’s school lunches Piers raged: “What lesson do you need as a parent to be sending your kid to school with a McDonald’s from the day before.

“That’s not parenting, it’s abuse!”

Continuing his tirade the host added: “This is just lazy, feckless parenting. Why do you want to protect these lazy, feckless parents? They deserve to be vilified.”

The conversation came after the news that the headteacher of Byron Primary School in Kent, Jon Carthy, sent out a newsletter to parents after several “extreme and unacceptable” packed lunches given to children were reported.

The know-it-all presenter even described the unhealthy meal as a “death trap”.

But as co-host Susanna Reid attempted to defend the parents by suggesting they may not have time to buy lunches Piers was having none of it.

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Interrupting her, the 46-year-old Piers shouted: “Oh excuses, do me a favour. Seriously. Blah blah blah!

“It’s not about the burger, it’s about the fact it’s been sitting there for 15 hours congealing and rotting and it’s now a death trap.”

As the show returned from the commercial break, Piers took a bite of the burger despite describing it as “congealed” and “rotting”.

Viewers of the ITV early morning show agreed with the star’s outspoken comments.

One wrote: “With you on burger gate @piersmorgan disgraceful parenting. Takes 5 mins to make a sandwich and pop some fruit in a lunchbox.”

“@GMB @piersmorgan … Absolutely agree Piers, its criminal if parents give previous days McDonalds burger for kids skool lunch,” another said.

A third added: “@piersmorgan well said at last some one tellls it how it is Burger for lunch totally unexceptionable. Great shout keep the good work up.”

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