Piers Morgan jokingly threatens to ‘leave the country’ over Meghan and Harry backlash

"Please stop it you big bullies"

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TV’s Piers Morgan has jokingly threatened to flee the nation following social media backlash regarding his disapproval of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s recent actions.

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The outspoken Good Morning Britain host, 54, has not held back regarding his opinions on Harry and Meghan’s decision to “step back” from their senior royal duties and divide their time between the UK and North America.

Piers has hit out on them via Twitter and on Good Morning Britain, and claimed they are “shameless” and the “new Kardashians”.

He said: “So, they want the glitz, the glamour, the splendour and the stupendous wealth….they just don’t want to have to actually earn it.”

“They want to be super-woke celebrities (with all the outrageous ‘Do as we say not as we do’ hectoring hypocrisy they’ve already brought to that status) who get to keep all the trappings of royal life without any of the hard, boring bits and the right to cash in on their status however they choose.”

And his words have not gone down well with some of his viewers, with many taking to Twitter to accuse him of bullying Meghan and Harry and even being racist.

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The GMB and former newspaper editor has responded to several of these tweets and now has joked he will leave the UK as Meghan has done.

’m very upset by all the criticism I am receiving from illiberal liberal journalists.

In a message, he tweeted that he wanted the “big bullies” to stop: “I’m very upset by all the criticism I am receiving from illiberal liberal journalists about my thoughts on Meghan & Harry. It’s sexist & racist. So please stop it you big bullies – or I will be forced to leave the country!”

One user, Guardian and Observer journalist Carole Cadwalladr had tweeted him: “There are many sensible reasons not to spat with @piersmorgan.

Piers has criticised Meghan and Harry (Credit:

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“But he’s a bully in a country which has institutionalised bullying via popular press. And what’s the option? Remaining silent even when you see it disproportionately directed at women & people of colour?”

To which Piers took the bait and replied: “Oh pipe down you ludicrous creature. You dish it out on here all the time, often in a mindlessly nasty, man-hating & hysterical manner. Practice what you preach.”

He also hit out at legendary singer Bette Midler, who wrote “shame on you” regarding his criticism of Harry and Meghan.

She tweeted: “You, Piers, said things that were worse than critical about the Duchess, you were utterly vicious about her. What does she owe you? Attacking her because you didn’t get your interview!?! #Meghan and #Harry are 1/2 your age. Shame on you.”

Piers defiantly responded with: “Hi Bette, given you’re the most abusive, hysterical, whiny, self-righteous, comically ill-informed piece of work on Twitter, I don’t think I’ll be taking any lectures from you about being vicious.

“Nor will I let Meghan Markle destroy our Royal Family. Happy New Year.”

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