Piers Morgan jokes Susanna Reid is allergic to him

Bless you, Susanna

We’re used to seeing Susanna Reid rolling her eyes at her troublesome co-host Piers Morgan but today on Good Morning Britain she was sneezing.

The presenters both revealed they’re really suffering from hay fever and had had an awful night’s sleep.

Poor Susanna was sneezing throughout the show (Credit: ITV)

After chatting about Wimbledon, Susanna snuffled: “I wonder if ice baths work for hay fever? I feel like I need something drastic.

“I’ve just taken my second hay fever tablet.”

Piers asked cheekily: “Do you think you could be allergic to me? It’s a possibility.

“Were you sneezing yesterday?”

Never slow on the comeback, Susanna replied: “Not once and you weren’t here yesterday, Kate Garraway was here.”

Susanna revealed she is suffering form hay fever (Credit: ITV)

Piers wasn’t going to let it go though, asking: “Has the sneezing begun within immediate proximity to me?”

Susanna smiled and said: “As soon as I… in fact as soon as I woke up this morning, knowing that you were going to be back at work…”

“You began sneezing?” Piers interjected to which Susanna replied: “Yeah… I was overcome.”

Piers joked with a sigh that it could mean “the end of a special thing”, and Susanna said: “Yeah it might have to play a part in contract negotiations.”

Their working relationship has become a bit of a talking point ever since they took the reigns of the ITV breakfast show together.

Piers said he thought perhaps Susanna was allergic to him (Credit: ITV)

Piers had already embarrassed Susanna at the start of the programme, saying: “You’re in a bad way aren’t you?

“Between us we’ve had six hours sleep… hay fever hell. Heat and we’re beginning to feel a bit doolally so stay with us, anything could happen.”

Piers had been off the show the previous day, with fans speculating why.

Susanna said she only had six hours sleep (Credit: ITV)

Kate Garraway filled in for him allowing Susanna to relax for once without having to deal with Piers.

Susanna tickled Piers with her sniffles and sneezing (Credit: ITV)

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Kate vowed to fill his shoes though, saying she would go on lots of rants as she stood in for her controversial co-star.

The much-loved presenter who normally presents alongside Ben Shephard joked with Susanna and Charlotte Hawkins that she’d tweak her style to compete with Piers.

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