Piers Morgan jokes Happy Mondays’ star spiked his burger at Great Train Robber’s barbecue

Oh the memories....

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Good Morning Britain welcomed Happy Monday’s front man Shaun Ryder to the sofa on Tuesday, and Piers Morgan couldn’t help but bring up old times with the singer.

Turns out, they have proper mad stories to tell!

And one such story was the tale of a barbecue where legendary Bez was in charge of the food, and which left Piers feeling more than a little jolly.

Shaun Ryder and Piers Morgan roared with laughter as they regaled tales of old (Credit: ITV)

While Shaun was on the morning show to plug his side project Black Grape and their new album Pop Voodoo, out next month, as well as a tour, Piers was more intent on catching up with his old mate and dropping more names than Adele’s had number ones.

One anecdote in particular had us in stitches when he recalled an incident with Shaun’s old bandmate, Bez.

Speaking about a party they both attended over twenty years ago, Piers suggested that Bez may have tampered with the food at a barbecue thrown by a Great Train robber.

Piers told Shaun he was convinced that Bez had spiked the food at a BBQ thrown by Ronnie Biggs (Credit: ITV)

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“The best laugh we had was at Ronnie Biggs’ house in Rio de Janeiro at barbecue where Bez from the Happy Mondays did the barbecue.

“I’ve never found out what he put in those burgers but I had a very, very over-excited eight hours.”

An amused Shaun replied, “Oh you was flying. You was cooking, dude.”

Shaun and Piers were very amused on the couch (Credit: ITV)

Enjoying the memories, Piers laughed, “I don’t think it was chilli sauce, was it?”

“No, I don’t think so,” Shaun reaffirmed.

Sounds like quite the party!

Piers also brought up the time Shaun was about to become a father. Piers said he asked to be the first to know and Shaun literally phoned him from the delivery room!

“That’s when I knew you were a man of your word,” Piers told his old pal.

Meanwhile last week, outspoken Piers had Sun readers in hysterics when he cast his eye over the current crop of stars and laid into them good and proper.

And as you can imagine, he wasn’t entirely kind.

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Speaking about the Beckhams, he said:  “I find David quite annoying because he likes to plonk himself in the middle of everything.

“Every event we have in this country has to have him in a speedboat or abseiling down something, even when he has nothing to do with it.

“Everything now is about the next phase of Brand Beckham.

“Cruz, we had to have his terrible pop single, which was just putting this poor kid, who was 11, into this huge goldfish bowl completely unnecessarily. He’s not a very good singer.

“Now we’ve got Brooklyn’s photo book, which is ridiculous. The pictures are all out of focus.

“What are they doing to these kids? Then they’ll moan about their invasion of privacy while quietly milking them to try to make money out of them.”

Oh we do love Piers!