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Piers Morgan hits out at comic Lee Hurst for refusing to wear a mask

The GMB host hit back at a comedian online

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Piers Morgan has lashed out at comic Lee Hurst for defying COVID-19 rules and refusing to wear a face mask.

The comedian, who is best known for appearing on They Think It’s All Over, shared on social media that he refused to wear a mask while at a Morrisons.

Sharing in view of his some 6,000 Twitter followers, he tweeted: “Morrisons Security Guard: ‘Have you got a mask?’

“Me: ‘Does it look like I have?’ (Continues through and does shopping).

“I am starting to lose my patience. You can only remain polite for so long under this nonsense.”

piers morgan face masks
Piers Morgan is a major proponent to face masks and maintaining social distancing (Credit: SplashNews)

What did Piers Morgan say on Twitter?

An irate Piers responded by replying to the tweet and calling Lee “selfish”.

Replying in view of his some 7.6 million Twitter followers, the GMB host fumed: “Imagine finding the simple task of wearing a mask to help save lives so intolerable a burden that it makes you such a reckless, selfish [bleep]?

“Then imagine BOASTING about it? Just pathetic.”

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Many of Piers’ fans sided with him, whereas others weren’t exactly on board.

One Twitter user agreed, lamenting: “I don’t understand how wearing a mask for 30 mins or so whilst doing your shopping is so hard. Unless obviously you have an actual reason but I’m guessing a lot of people don’t.”

man wearing a face mask in a city
Currently Brits are supposed to wear face masks while shopping (Credit: Unsplash)

GMB host’s followers divided

Another user tweeted: “I have breathing problems due to my heart conditions and I suffer from claustrophobia.

“But I wear a mask on public transport, in shops etc even though I suffer from it because I know its important. All people who don’t wear masks will prolong the unemployment issue in this country.”

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A further user criticised Piers’ reaction with: “Roll on the winter months when all those wearing masks between shops or in the street are wearing soggy masks, that will then result in rashes on their faces amongst other things.

“Plus the amount of disposable masks thrown away in the streets, supermarket car parks is disgusting.”

Lee Hurst on They Think It's All Over
Lee Hurst on They Think It’s All Over (Credit: BBC Studios / YouTube)

Then another user argued: “We didn’t wear masks in shops for the first four months

“I’m sure if it was that important they would have made these mandatory from the beginning.

“What they do want though is to keep the fear going. And you are one of their most useful tools for that.”

Currently, Brits risk a cash fine if they do not wear a mask in shops and other enclosed public areas.

Indeed, some people are exempt, such as those who suffer from breathing difficulties or certain disabilities.

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