Piers Morgan hits out at Katie Hopkins after cruel weight jibes

Why would two usually nice-as-pie people be so mean to each other...?

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Well, well, well… Would you look at what we’ve got here.

Piers Morgan and Katie Hopkins being controversial? No, never!

These two are pretty much the meanest celebs in the ‘biz so it’s no shock that these two don’t really get on.

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The pair who have never seen eye-to-eye, have made their feud public after a user called them both out on their views.

After being told that both Piers and Katie should NOT be allowed on television, Katie replied to the user.

She said: “Truth piers morgan is my dad. He also believes in the fat gene. Though I didn’t inherit.”

Are you calling Piers fat Katie?

Piers then fired back saying: “If I were your father, you’d be a lot better-looking & more intelligent.”


These two could just go back-and-forth for the rest of eternity.

Piers has recently got into some trouble after harshly criticising Cruz Beckham for launching a pop career.

The Good Morning Britain presenter lashed out at the 11-year-old’s parents David and Victoria Beckham and suggested that they pushed him into fame!

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Oh dear.

Piers even tweeted to reaffirm what his original thoughts were.

“I’ve had time to reflect on my criticism of the Beckham’s pimping out Cruz, 11, to pop,” he tweeted.

“And I now think it’s even more repulsive. Remember though, it’s ALL for charity…. #CruzBeckham (sic)”

Now, now…

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