Piers Morgan lends holiday homes to loved ones amid coronavirus crisis

He slammed people sunbathing in parks as "selfish" and "reckless"

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Breakfast TV host Piers Morgan has slammed the accusation he is living in luxury during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 55, blasted those people not staying in and sunbathing in parks as “selfish and reckless earlier today on Twitter.

But his furious tweet saw him targeted by critics who claimed he was living in a different world to most people.

However, Piers did not accept the slights fired his way – and clarified his own living situation.

Sunbathers were savaged by Piers Morgan (Credit:

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He also noted that even though he does own more than property, he has lent his other homes to loved ones.

A furious Piers fumed: Sunbathing is against the rules that have been set out for important public health reasons.. to save lives & help the NHS – Health Secretary@MattHancock on @SophyRidgeSky. 

If you go out today to sunbathe, you are a selfish, reckless [blank].

“This could not be any clearer. If you go out today to sunbathe, you are a selfish, reckless [blank].”

Focusing on one particular response that irked him, Piers slapped down a social media user who brought up his relative wealth.

Piers Morgan
GMB’s Piers Morgan did not hold back (Credit: ITV)

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Their tweet read: Wonder if Piers Morgan is giving up his massive garden and pool in sympathy with all the families in cramped council flats he thinks are selfish reckless [blank] for enjoying a bit of sun.”

An irate Piers hit back: I’m in London with no pool, and a very small garden.

“I’ve lent my LA home to a friend who had a very small one. And my parents are self-isolating at our Sussex home.

“Hope this helps with your concerns, which have nothing to do with someone’s ability to observe simple rules.”


However, the complaining tweeter only came in for another tirade after they accused Piers of being “unhelpful”.

They answered back: “I think people should follow the rules, Piers. I just think your tone is completely unhelpful and unsympathetic.”

But an unimpressed Piers wasn’t having any of that.

He seethed: “Aww, do you?

“My sympathy lies entirely with NHS staff fighting to save lives.

“Not with selfish, reckless [blank] fighting for the right to [blank] sunbathe.

“Sorry if my ‘tone’ upsets you.”

‘This is my garden’

Piers had previously defended the size of his garden yesterday (Saturday April 4).

Sharing a snap, he tweeted sarcastically: For all those asking, this is the size of my ‘massive [blank] garden’ at my London home where I will be for the duration of this crisis.

“I can only apologise for the ostentatious, luxurious enormity of it.”

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