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Piers Morgan hits back at Twitter troll who claims “history will judge him”

He said he'll be sitting in the cheap seats

Piers Morgan has hit back at a Twitter troll who claimed “history will judge him” over the Euro 2020 final results.

The former Good Morning Briatin host, 56, denied he would be living it up at the final in an executive box.

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And he also denied he’d spoken negatively about members of the England team.

Piers Morgan Euro
Piers Morgan said on Twitter he’s attending the Euro 2020 final (Credit: SplashNews)

What did the troll say to Piers on Twitter?

A Twitter user tweeted Piers with: “Tonight @piersmorgan will be sat in an executive box cheering England on. This is the man that attacked Raheem Sterling and called the players ‘woke’.

“History will judge him.”

However, Piers was having none with it and fiercely replied with a list of comebacks.

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The bestselling author retorted: “a) I’ll be in the main crowd, not a box.

“b) I never called the players woke & have always supported them taking the knee.

“c) I get on very well with Raheem.. in fact we were texting each other last night. You’re right about one thing though – I’ll be cheering England on.”

Piers Morgan Euro
Piers previously hit out at Raheem Sterling over his gun tattoo (Credit: SplashNews)

How did Piers’ followers react?

Yet not all of Piers’ fans are so convinced. Several pointed out that Piers has called out Raheem many times for having a gun tattoo.

One user argued: “Was that after you begged for forgiveness or you were able to convince the gun tattoo was a non issue?”

And another user replied: “You asked for him to not play for England again when he had a tattoo of a gun on his leg, you said it prompted gun culture.”

Whereas a third user claimed: “You slated Sterling for getting a tattoo of a gun on his leg.”

What did Piers say about the tattoo?

Indeed back in 2018 Piers repeatedly expressed his disdain for Sterling’s gun tattoo.

At one point he tweeted: “England star tattoos assault rifle onto his leg right before the World Cup – and it’s the media’s fault for reporting/questioning it? Do me a bloody favour! Sterling did this quite deliberately, knowing exactly the fuss it would cause.”

And on another occasion he hit back at Dan Walker’s seeming approval of the tat with: “So you think it’s perfectly OK for an England football star to tattoo a large assault rifle onto his leg just before a World Cup, where it will be seen by billions of people? I find THAT pretty weird & sad, regardless of his explanation.”

Indeed, Raheem revealed that the tattoo was in honour of his slain father. And that it serves as a symbol that he would never use a gun himself.

He explained on Instagram: “When I was 2 my father died from being gunned down to death.

“I made a promise to myself I would never touch a gun in my lifetime, I shoot with my right foot so it has a deeper meaning and still unfinished.”

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