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Piers Morgan hits back as Jack Whitehall wipes his bum with Good Morning Britain host’s book

Piers insists he's "happy to help"

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TV’s Piers Morgan has hit back after comedian Jack Whitehall filmed himself using the Good Morning Britain host’s book to clean himself on the toilet.

Jack, 31, shot a video showing him wiping his bum with pages torn from Piers’ book Don’t You Know Who I Am.

How did Piers respond?

Jack Whitehall
In the clip, Jack Whitehall wipes his bum with a page from Piers Morgan’s book (Credit: Hewitt / SplashNews.com)

And Piers has since clapped back on his Instagram account.

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The daytime TV favourite shared Jack‘s video for his followers and quipped in the caption: “You’ve always been full of [bleep] @jackwhitehall.

“Happy to help.”

One of Piers’ followers wrote: “Classic Piers response.”

Another told him: “Take it with a pinch of salt @piersmorgan.”

Someone else laughed: “Good job he’s funny hey!”

In the video, which Jack originally posted on his own social media platforms, the funnyman is sitting on the toilet when he is shocked to discover there’s no toilet paper.

The Sound of Silence plays as he stares at the empty loo roll holder, not knowing what to do.

Happy to help.

Then he brightens up as someone hands him a copy of Piers’ book. Then, Things Can Only Get Better by D:Ream replaces the somber Simon and Garfunkel tune.

He proceeds to wipe himself with a torn page from the book, which he leaves for the next person to use.

Bum-wiping debate

Comedy aside, many were puzzled over Jack’s wiping technique in the clip.

A number of the presenter’s followers appeared baffled by the fact that Jack reaches between his legs to wipe from the front.

Piers Morgan
Piers’ fans were baffled by Jack’s wiping technique (Credit: Jen Lowery / SplashNews.com)

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One follower asked: “Who wipes from the front…?”

Someone else said: “Who the hell wipes that way?”

A third joked: “Debate for the day: Which way is the right way to wipe?”

“Nobody gonna talk about him wiping from back to front?” demanded another.

“Good wiping technique,” one follower said.

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