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Wednesday 15th July 2020

Piers Morgan grills America's deadliest women

Presenter heads behind bars to discover what makes women kill

TV journalist Piers Morgan has stepped inside the dark world of women who commit murder. Not killings of passion, but cold, calculated, premeditated crimes. The rarity of such abhorrent acts makes them even more freakishly fascinating and – as the presenter discovers – the female felons behind them are rarely the chilling stereotypes we’d expect. Prepare to be unsettled…

ERIN CAFFEY: Plotted murder of her whole family

Erin Caffey was raised in a close-knit, deeply Christian family from small-town Texas. Her father Terry was a lay preacher, married to childhood sweetheart Penny. As well as Erin, the couple had two sons, Matthew, 13, and Tyler, eight. Erin had a nice, normal life - her parents allowed her to go out with friends, date boys and even bought her a car. So, why - at the age of 16 - did she plot the BRUTAL MURDER of her entire family?

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